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Which Cryptocurrencies are Worth Buying in 2022?

The 2020s are carved into history as the period when cryptocurrency was at its peak. It was consolidated as a great investment vehicle with the potential to develop and expand. Today, when many digital coins have the opportunities for building Dapps and new asset creation, we all need to know which particular coins are good to invest in right now. 

Best Investment-Worthy Crypto Coins to Buy and Hold This Year

Out of the vast array of cryptocurrencies existing and developing these days, we have singled out the set of 5 most promising ones in terms of investment and getting profit. 

Even with a part of the unknown about what this 2022 year will bring to the crypto world, this list is true for the current time and is optimistic about the future.

  • Bitcoin (BTC).

The most known and most traded digital asset with an enormous price, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to exist in the world. Bitcoin is already a global payment system accepted in different places. 

Bitcoin transactions are inexpensive and the upward trends are true for the coin in the long run. Even though currently Bitcoin is less than its November-10 price, $68,789,63, experts say it’s going to gBitcoinrow and it’s worth it to have Bitcoin in an investor’s portfolio. 

  • Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum is a widely appreciated token with its platform being able to support Decentralized applications and smart contracts. This is possible through the standard ERC-20. 

Since Ether goes beyond payments and speculation possibilities, the interest in the coin grew. Now it is continuing to run bullish and expected to stay in the top with its price being more than $3,740,00. Ethereum appears a frequent target for traders as well with users choosing a compatible strategy and then trading, for example, BUSD to ETH or the other way around. Having Ether in a crypto wallet also means you can openly browse NFT marketplaces and feel at home there buying some. 

  • Cardano (ADA).

The Cardano blockchain is famous for improved security and better functionality: it is planning to support Dapps and smart contracts very soon so the price is expected to soar high. Given that you buy some ADA when the price is still normal, this is a good solution for anyone wanting to get profit from a short term investment.

  • Chainlink (LINK).

With LINK being less known but not less capable, this digital coin is another treasure to find. Chainlink definitely has a future. Its network will give an opportunity to execute complicated smart contracts by providing the necessary information for that. Moreover, we already see the evidence of its growth: from the price of $12 in winter 2021, it went to an all-time-high of $58,88 in May the same year. At the time one LINK coin is sold for the price of nearly $20. Still, as the crypto project continues to embrace tech advances, it will become even more attractive… and expensive.

  • Stellar (XLM).

The open network Stellar allows blockchain to keep global financial institutions interconnected. Its native token, XLM, grants the lower cost for its trading and that is why Stellar is the next big thing as it lets users avoid paying high international transaction fees, like in conventional payments. 

More demand in the Stellar coin will be most likely to cause a price surge, as we remember how it went from approximately $0,13 in 2021 and reached the maximum of $0,73. 

Like every other cryptocurrency, Stellar is prone to fluctuations with its current price staying at the level of $0,28. Anyway, for the future perspective, XLM is a good investment choice as the coin continues to adopt new technological changes.

All of these cryptocurrencies are worthy of your attention but we strongly recommend that you do a bigger research on each of them before you are ready to pool your money in any of them. At, one can look at the latest updates on these coins and over 300 other digital assets. You can buy them there and make successful exchanges of coins, for example, ETH to AVAX or XLM to Ethereum. Feel free to explore this resource and receive profit!



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