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Third Party Phone Accessories – Worth The Hype?

As soon as you purchase a smartphone, the list of items on your shopping list only expands. Yes, we are talking about the accessories that help you make the most out of your phone. From necessities like screen protectors to optional ones like fitness bands, there are hundreds of types of smartphone accessories to choose from.

In your search for the best phone accessories, you will definitely come across life’s greatest question these days – should you stick to accessories by OEMs or explore third party phone accessories? If you have never heard of any of these terms, fret not. After reading this post, you will know everything you need to know about third party phone accessories and whether they are for you.

OEMs vs Third Party Accessories

Let’s start with the basics. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So when we refer to phone accessories, the OEM would be the company that manufactures the original equipment – meaning the phone. To simplify, Apple would be the OEM in the case of an iPhone. 

The OEM certainly makes the phone but in most cases, they also make certain phone accessories. Like Apple makes the iPhone and it makes the AirPods too. Further, you can also buy certain cases from Apple. The same goes for Samsung. These accessories which are produced by the company that produces the phone too are said to come from the OEMs.

On the other end of the spectrum are third party accessories. These include all accessories which are manufactured by a company which is different from the OEM. For instance, iPhone screen protectors which are not made by Apple but by some other company. 

Third party accessories have become popular because they are cost effective when compared to those manufactured by the OEMs and they offer a wider range of options for phone users when it comes to accessories. When you go looking for cheap phone accessories free shipping and an easy return policy is something you must try to score. 

Third Party Accessories – Advantages and Disadvantages

So then how will you decide between the two options? Let us help you with it by listing out the main pros and cons of third party accessories.


Wide Net – If you choose to go with third party accessories, you are throwing a wider net when it comes to smartphone accessories. Be rest assured that your options will be endless and by endless, we literally mean endless. Apart from being able to explore various options within traditional accessories categories like cases and cover and earphones, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the different kinds of accessories that you may never have known existed.

Cost Effective – This is something that flows from the laws of economics. Large scale production of smartphones is cost effective for the OEMs but the same cannot be said for phone accessories. In fact, OEMs need to develop a separate vertical for phone accessories in case they do decide to enter the accessories market. On the other hand, companies that engage in production of only accessories can easily reduce the market price by investing in technology and economies of scale.


Imperfect Results – A large number of smartphone accessories, like cases and protectors, add to the look of the phone apart from their main functions. In some cases, third party accessories will not leave you with the best feeling as the overall look and feel will not be perfect. At the end of the day, when large scale production of accessories for multiple brands takes place, quality does get compromised to a certain extent. 

Compatibility Issues – Looks aside, in a few categories, it is not preferable to go with third party accessories. These include those which can hamper the functioning of the phone like your charging cable. For instance, in the iPhone, many times when you use a third party cable, you will get a warning to use only genuine chargers. Not just the warning, the charging speed may also be affected.

Points To Consider While Buying Third Party Phone Accessories

We do not recommend that you ignore all third party phone accessories. Some of them are clearly worth the effort. Hence, here we bring to you certain points that you should consider while buying them.

  1. The first point that you must do is check the reviews of the product and the company that is manufacturing it. This can be done online (on Amazon and YouTube, mostly). While going through the reviews, it is important to sift the owner reviews from the paid ones. This will help you ascertain if the product and the company are worth it.

  2. The second point that you must bear in mind is that the online store from where you are making the purchase must be genuine. The store must have a history of providing quality products, free or cheap shipping and easy returns. Checking out options outside your home country like the dhgate store is also a good idea.

Final Verdict

Third Party Accessories are a reality that OEMs will have to live with. As much as they may try to push them out, the fact is that third party accessories are pocket friendly and certainly meet the needs of a large section of phone users. However, OEMs may certainly win the game when it comes to the more expensive accessories for which users are willing to pay. 






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