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Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Exterior From Sun Damage

A car’s finish can be seriously affected by the elements, especially sunlight. Luckily, you have ready access to several tools to limit this type of UV damage and keep your car looking great inside and out. 

Exterior Maintenance: Restoring Your Headlights

Cloudy headlights are more than unattractive; they can also make driving less safe. Distorted lenses may reduce your ability to see in low-light conditions, such as night driving or bad weather. They can also make it harder for others to see you, which could contribute to a crash. Don’t take that chance when clearing them up is a simple process almost anyone can do.

Constant bombardment by the sun can cause some headlight materials to become cloudy or discolored. This is usually the result of wear on protective coatings of acrylic lenses. Luckily, you can usually buff the damaged layer away to fully restore clouded headlights. Before you type “auto parts near me” into your search engine, consider trying an at-home restoration kit. 

Windshield Repair: Filling Bullseye Chips

A cracked windshield can really take away from your car’s appearance. It can also impair your ability to see, especially when the sun reflects off the chipped area. Repairing minor bullseye chips usually only takes about an hour, and it is one repair worth doing. Not only will it help your car look better, but it will also reduce the chance that the crack gets bigger.

Tire and Wheel Care: Polishing for Protection

Your tires and wheels take some serious abuse in daily driving. They come in direct contact with pavement, dirt, and water, all of which can make them look grungy. Additionally, the sun is constantly shining on them, which can compromise materials. The next time you clean your car’s exterior, show your tires and wheels a little love with special polish to keep them looking great day after day. 

Interior Needs: Cleaning Your Upholstery

Even with occasional use, car upholstery and carpet can take a beating. The sun’s rays case fading and dust and dirt embed themselves into fabrics. A thorough cleaning can help get rid of grime and leave your car’s interior looking great. Add seat covers to keep sun damage to a minimum. 

Now that your interior is thoroughly cleaned and refreshed, you have one more step that can make driving in the summer more comfortable: recharging your air conditioner. This may seem intimidating, but there are several easy-to-use recharging products that supply freon for car AC systems without much fuss (or the need for a whole lot of technical know-how). 

Overall Protection: Add a Protective Layer Inside and Out

All of your car’s surfaces can benefit from a protective coating. Interior protectant come sin sprays, foams, and wipes, so it is easy to apply on almost any area. This will help reduce fading and keep interior materials looking and working great. Adding a layer of wax or ceramic coating to your car’s paint will do the same for the outside.

Taking care of your car’s finishes will help it look great no matter what nature throws at it. Head online to shop for car cleaning supplies that will remove dirt and grime while adding a layer of protection to finishes. 



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