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How To Write a Warm Gift Letter

Officially, a gift letter is a piece of a legal document stating that someone, usually friends or family members, has gifted you money. Such a letter is a fantastic tool to explain why you all of a sudden got a large amount of cash. But here, we won’t be talking about paying off the mortgage and stuff. 

Within the past few years, a gift letter has become something else. And this else is utterly different from what you’ve seen right above. In the everyday world, a gift letter is a letter that accompanies a gift. And let’s be honest, giving a gift to someone without an explanation is somewhat awkward (of course, it can also be romantic, but only sometimes). Would you want to get a gift from somebody without knowing who gifted it to you? After all, you wouldn’t be able to thank them back and express your gratitude. 

Whatever your budget for the gift, a touching gift letter can work wonders. Besides, writing a gift letter requires nothing but being thoughtful, honest, and creative. Professionals from a  writing service have contributed to the guide, revealing the best writing strategies to compose a remarkable gift letter. Read on to learn more.

Reflect on what you experienced

Before delving into writing, take a step back and mull over a person and what connects you with them. There must be a reason for giving a gift to such a person. Whatever it is, think of something that can enhance such an experience. If it’s your friend’s birthday, and something extraordinary occurred on that day that you both recall years after, try recreating your feelings. They will help you write a meaningful piece.

Express your gratitude

There is no bad time to express gratitude and thank a person for being in your life. Thousands of miles may separate you, but reminding your friend that you are grateful will shorten the distance significantly. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged ode; several sentences would suffice to reveal your appreciation. This piece will serve both as a good reminder and an appropriate opening to the letter. 

Provide some info on the gift

Next, it would be reasonable to move on to the gift per se and include some info about it. Indeed, presenting a gift might be a walk in the park, especially if you don’t accompany it with something from deep down your soul. But in the case of a gift letter, you have to do precisely that. Choosing a gift might turn out to be a heck of a challenge, and so is writing about it. 

Try to cast your mind back to the moment when you were choosing the gift. Ask yourself, what were the criteria for you to pick the right thing? What were the things you have pre-selected and then analyzed which one would be the best? 

You don’t have to include in the letter everything you have extracted during the brainstorming session. Simply state why you decided on a particular thing and how it might come in handy. If your searches were based on what a person told you about some time ago, mention it. You can also provide some hints on how the gift can be used.  

Ask them how they are doing

Provided you are writing a gift letter to your friend, take a chance to ask how they are doing, what’s new in their life, etc. And don’t shy away from including some information about yourself, your current occupations, pastimes, etc. 

Add an exceptional closing

Here, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you write a letter to a friend, add a closing to show that you value the friendship and think about them frequently. Ask them to stay in touch and write back to you, giving feedback about the gift. State that you’d appreciate it to know whether they liked the present, how they used it, etc.

Add PS

Although additional, an afterthought can make the letter more personal. A well-thought, cheerful postscript can leave the recipient with the right emotional timbre. The PS can be about anything, depending on how close you are to the person. You can remember the days you have done something foolish, embarked on a hitchhiking trip, practiced truancy, and alike. Whatever you decide on, make sure it will evoke the intended reaction. 

Sign the note

Even if the person knows you well, it won’t harm to emphasize your relationship with a toasty signature. Have a personal phrase you used to say in the past? Excellent, go with it! Otherwise, try to develop something that leaves the receiver feeling good about your letter and gift. It can be something like Friends forever, Pals always, Love and kisses, Hugging, Peace, and others. 

Undoubtedly, the gift letter’s content and structure fully hinge on who you write it to. If that’s your closest friend, you don’t need to bother with the mentioned elements. Take a pen and paper and let your stream of consciousness do the job. Conversely, if you aspire to create something visually appealing and affecting, a well-written gift letter is your go-to. 

Anyways, provided are a few things to consider when writing a gift letter. Using them will help you compose a brilliant piece shortly. Cheers!



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