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Gilad Krein talks about starting a business podcast

Podcasting has grown significantly over the past few years, Says Gilad Krein. This is due to ever-innovative and great content types that show no signs of slowing down. Many people now listen to podcasts more than ever because of generating interesting and entertaining content. 

In this respect, Utilizing podcast content is not only relatively easy and cost-effective but also a great way of growing your business, personalizing your brand, and reaching many audiences.

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Starting a podcast – by Gilad Krein 

Gilad Krein is an outstanding entrepreneur with vast expertise in advising businesses. He provides engaging and prolific services which businesses can emulate for their online businesses. Gilad is also a digital nomad who owns a personal blog useful for business enterprises.

Through his social media platforms, Gilad Krein provides insightful and educative content about running an online business. Seeking Gilad’s advice is a great approach to ensuring you grow your business to reach many prospects alongside opening more leads.

Gilad Krein explains why you should start a podcast for your business

 The podcast has become a norm for individuals who need to learn about specific topics, listen to conversations and even enjoy laughter during their day. Moreover, podcasting has become a marketing tool companies can have a competitive advantage. Consequently, you can consider having a podcast for the following reasons:

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular.

 Recent research by Edison Research shows that the number of individuals listening to podcasts has doubled over the past decade. The growth of listening to a podcast is gradual every given year. 

For instance, in 2018, 44% of Americans (roughly 124 million) listened to the podcast, with 26 %( 73 million) listening to a podcast monthly and 17% (48 million) listening to podcasts weekly. Also, listeners could consume around seven podcasts weekly based on these statistics.

Podcasts increase traffic to your online assets.

Podcasts are important because they boost your search rank to gain much traffic, thereby increasing the time prospects spend on your site. In addition, they can help generate vital backlinks for your website, which is used as a factor rank by Google.

After recording a new episode, you can show notes and publish a transcript or content for a particular website to be indexed by the Google search engine.

Podcast demonstrates your expertise

Gilad Krein says that through podcasts, your business can showcase its level of experience in your field to connect with new prospects. Doing so will make a personal connection with your clients, thus building customer relationships.

Podcasting can generate passive income 

Earning while not working may seem unlikely, but having a podcast is a tactile approach to getting a stream of income through affiliate marketing. Sponsored ads through podcasts can earn you income when people visit your platform and listen to your podcasts.

Create a podcast that reflects your brand

Growing your brand personality is an alluring sense for any online marketer. It helps you reach many audiences who can turn out to be potential customers. Also, it makes existing customers fervent brand advocates for your products and services. We have done something same for business growth so check out t-shirt podcast.

Podcasts drive Productivity

Podcasts create a sense of inclusivity in an organization which is important in generating new leads and engaging deeply with existing customers. Through this, sales of a business can increase, thereby driving up Productivity in the workplace.

Relationship building with customers

Since the brain is connected to sense emotions and the human voice, podcasts create a powerful means of communication essential for connecting with customers. A podcast is more unfiltered and casual, unlike a presentation and webcast, thus providing real personality good for creating unique connections with customers.

How to start a podcast according to Gilad Krein

Starting a podcast is a superb way of positioning your content to match your objectives and ambitions in your business setting. Therefore, starting a podcast is a process that entails having the following;


Recording a podcast episode entails having the right and effective equipment. Most of the equipment’s come with a budget which is essential to consider. The equipment you should acquire or rent is; a computer, a mixer, headphones, acoustic treatments, recording & editing software, and a pop filler.


Though you may not need a studio to record and distribute your podcast products, exploring how the studio hosts advice and operates important. This will leverage how you start an inspiring and entertaining podcast in any given setting.


Content is key and king in podcasts. An original, engaging, insightful, and alluring content inherently supports your brand not to be oversaturated. For this, you will have a captivating matter that will entertain and educate and attract prospects to your online business.


Gaining traction and more leads should not keep you from seeking vital information from experts. You must collaborate with other brands to build your online business network and a solid customer relationship.

Gilad Krein’s tips for starting podcasters

For you to start a successful podcast, it is noble to put into practice some essential parameters. This will ease and streamline your podcasting process effectively. 

Build long-term plans

When you have an urge to start podcasts, create long-term plans that are counterproductive to avoid losing track on the way. Long-term plans open channels of integrating issues to a more classified and realistic approach.

Maintain consistency

Maintaining steadiness is an avid approach to adequately streamlining your podcasting process to a high level. Consistency bridges gaps of mistrust and misinformation, creating a solid foundation for your brand.

Choose name, format, and style.

Choosing the right name is important in helping your brand name to be known. Also, organizing your brand format in an appropriate style is essential to uniquely identify millions of podcasts available on various platforms.

Professional info

Knowing your specific professional history, plans, current activities, and goals can help gauge your field of interest. It will also ease how you present content in a podcast in a welcoming and engaging way.

Host guests

Hosting guests enables you to build networking opportunities with reasonable people that like progress. By hosting them, you will have great relationships alongside expanding your customer reach.

Give value

Since content is king, giving value helps in growing your brand awareness. It also alleviates your marketing strategy to a more useful and recognized arena.


Podcasting is a practical approach to expanding your brand awareness easily and simply. As an online business marketer strategist, a podcast platform should be necessary to leverage your business to a high end. Moreover, if you need to start hosting your podcast episodes, you can utilize various podcast platforms like Blubrry, Podcast, Libsyn, and Buzzsprout.



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