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How Mirror Text Helps You to Secure Social Media Account Passwords?

Social media security has become a concerning issue since businesses have adopted social media marketing channels to sell their products and services. 

Since hackers can easily decrypt online account passwords, social media platforms encourage users to take various steps to secure accounts.

Nowadays, social media accounts demand users to create secure accounts by combining upper case, lower case, numbers, and even special characters. Passwords with such a combination become challenging to crack or decrypt by hackers. 

But at the same time, it seems frustrating for users to remember these passwords. So how can we adopt a more straightforward method to make secure passwords?

This article will elaborate on how to mirror text helps secure social media accounts. We will also go through several elements of a secure password and how we can create mirror text with an easy method.

What is Mirror Text Writing?

The term mirror text seems complex to hear at first, but it’s a technique to produce letters, words, or sentences in the reverse direction. 

The example can be taken from the comparison of the letter ‘b’ and ‘d’. These letters seem like mirrored forms of each other but are different in vocabulary.

Social media influencers and digital marketing pages feature mirrored text in their posts and infographics to grab the audience’s attention. 

It develops a curiosity in a fun way, but it can also be used to generate secure passwords. Let’s look at a few methods to create a secure password for your social media accounts.

Creating a Secure Password with Mirror Text

Social media users often forget passwords if they are too complex, so they try to keep them simple. But using simple combinations of letters and numbers is too easy for hackers to predict.

Therefore, creating your simple password in mirror text to make it harder for hackers to guess. Various online tools can help you create mirror text in just a few easy steps, as mentioned below.

  1. Type your password in the input box.
  2. Click on the “Mirror Text” button.
  3. The text formation will change to its mirrored version. For example, the mirrored version of MyPassword will be bɿowƨƨɒԳγM.
  4. You can copy and use the mirror text as your social media password to make it secure.

It’s not specified to create mirrored text for the whole password. You can mirror one or two letters within the password to make it even more confusing for the hackers to track. For example, you can create a combination by entering MyPaƨƨword to make it even more secure.

How to Create Secure Social Media Passwords?

The best way to create a social media password is by creating a combined version of passwords based on the following rules.

  • Add special characters and numbers to your password.
  • It’s best not to mention your first or last name in the password as it’s easy to predict.
  • Do not try to use your birth date, as hackers would review all the personal information to decrypt your password.
  • Do not share your password or save it on unauthorized devices such as workplaces or educational institutes.
  • Frequently change your password and use a different combination for every social media platform.

Uses of Mirror Text Generator

  • Creating a secure password is the first and far most practical use of an online mirror text generator. By using mirror text as your account password, the hackers would find it challenging to guess or decrypt.
  • A mirror text generator can be used for entertainment purposes as well. As for infographics designers, the mirrored text creates an illusive effect for a poster or cover design.
  • Mirror text can be used to develop a decipher game to let your friends and audience guess the original version of the mirrored letter.


In this article, we guided you on creating a secure password using an online tool to create reverse text. Creating such a formation of words makes it nearly impossible for hackers to guess your password as it is hard to understand and read.

Using reverse text as your password can help maintain security and make remembering easier as you don’t have to go for complex combinations. We hope our guidelines have helped you to enhance the security of your social media accounts.



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