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Virtual Fitting Rooms: A Boon To The Clothing Business In Pandemics

Customers may virtually test on clothing without actually touching it in a fitting room. Instead, a product is overlaid over a customer’s live video stream for it to function. Before making a purchase, the customer may view the item’s size, style, and fit. This kind of technology, sometimes referred to as virtual changing rooms, has gained popularity since the COVID-19 epidemic started. Retail sales of clothing items fell by 43.5 percent during the pandemic, the largest drop in any industry. 

Global lockdowns prevented customers from making in-store purchases. Even when the shops reopened, many were still apprehensive about trying on clothes for fear of increasing their chance of contracting the virus. However, virtual changing rooms significantly lower that danger. People may view how a product appears in their own body form without really touching the goods they are digitally trying on. Technology has also managed to create a lot of body measurement app for clothing. This article explains the various benefits of virtual fitting rooms:

Fundamental benefits of virtual clothing rooms:


It is inconvenient to pick the right size from the hanger, proceed to an entire changing room, and change their clothes. Conversely, virtual changing rooms do away with all of that. Without changing, customers may just stroll over to a virtual mirror to view how the clothes appear on them.

Establishing a connection with the customers

You must first establish a connection with your clients if you want to maintain such ties over time. The use of virtual changing rooms is part of that procedure. According to research, 50% of both men and women no longer feel secure putting on clothing in changing rooms. Allowing customers to virtually try products in the safety of their own homes or in the centre of a retail store is a significant challenge that can be solved.

Support online sales

If given the opportunity to experience a product using augmented reality, 40% of consumers would be ready to pay extra for it. Another 71% of consumers said they would frequent a store more often if it used AR technology. Retailers may benefit from this by installing virtual mirrors in their physical storefronts. Changing rooms don’t require any important shop space, so why bother? Instead, the area might be utilised to display merchandise and set up visual merchandising displays. The COVID-19 epidemic is said to have sped up the transition to online shopping by five years. Technology for virtual changing rooms is great for retailers looking to expand their offline operations online.

Lower return rates

Fashion brands are plagued by high return rates. It reduces profitability and creates administrative hassles (particularly if you provide free returns). According to estimates, the reason for 30 percent of e-commerce returns is that the item is too small. Another 22% of returns are due to customers ordering items in sizes that are too large. Offering a virtual changing room aids in resolving that issue. Customers can see how an item will appear on their body without having to touch it, whether they are trying it in-store or online.

Final Words

These were some of the crucial benefits of virtual changing rooms. These factors clearly explain how they have played a vital role in boosting the sales after the pandemic. One can also opt for ar clothes fitting as it provides convenience.




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