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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Modern Fireplace Mantle

Whether it’s a whimsical trio of flower-filled vases or a set of sleek oars, a well-arranged vignette creates interest above the mantel. Keep the color scheme consistent by pairing like items and varying their size.

Mantle materials range from wood to welded metal and brick. Choose a material that complements your home and fits your budget.

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A modern mantel can transform a living room with its sleek appearance and offer several design possibilities. Whether you want to showcase a favorite painting, hang a set of sconces, or display a collection of vintage objects, this style provides the perfect backdrop for your style and decor.

Stone is a popular choice for modern fireplace mantle ideas, as it can be carved into various styles that complement contemporary and traditional spaces. Another option is cast stone, which offers the look of natural stone but is more affordable and more accessible to install.

For a simple yet stylish look, frame the space above your mantle with molding painted the same color as your wall. A pitch-dark blue paint color in this living room makes the fireplace a focal point.


A modern mantle can be made from a variety of materials. Stone is famous for its timeless beauty and ability to withstand fire and moisture. It is available in various colors and can be carved into many styles that suit modern and traditional decor.

Wood is another popular material for fireplace mantels. Whether it’s reclaimed lumber for a rustic look or an elegantly carved wood surround, these mantels can add a cozy feel to any living room. However, a wood mantel will require a qualified carpenter since it’s made from combustible material.


A well-chosen mantle is a key design feature in your home that adds style and function. In addition to providing a focal point above your fireplace, it acts as a heat barrier and helps prevent sparks or embers from reaching flammable objects or wall art.

Mantles can be symmetrical to create balance or asymmetrical for a modern feel. For example, a central mirror complemented with two smaller candles would be considered symmetrical, while a large vase paired with a small sculpture is asymmetrical.

When installing a new mantle, finding the right proportion for your room is essential. An oversized mantle can overwhelm a space, while a small mantel can get lost in decor. Ensure enough wall space to accommodate decorations and wall art above the mantel.


The mantle is a focal point of the living space, an opportunity to express your home decorating style. Whether rustic, classic, contemporary, or industrial, a beautiful mantel will add architectural character and warmth to your home.

Choosing the right finish is crucial for ensuring your mantle complements the overall design. A sleek stone mantle will enhance the modern design of your home, while a wood mantle can add a natural feel.

If you’re looking for a more natural mantle, consider a reclaimed beam that is rough-hewn or includes a live edge. This will create a stunning, organic look while providing refined contrast to your room. This mantle type is also environmentally friendly, repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded.


A mantle is a beautiful addition to any room that will become the focal point of your home’s decor. It’s a great place to display keepsakes, family photos, and seasonal decorations.

However, depending on your chosen material, a new fireplace surround and mantle can be costly. Tile is a cost-effective option, while stone can vary dramatically in price. Concrete is often seen as a good middle-of-the-road choice because it offers the aesthetics of stone at a more affordable price.

The best thing to do is plan out your project with a budget in mind. You don’t want to go overboard, but you also want to take advantage of your dream mantel. Use reclaimed wood to minimize the environmental impact of your building project and give new life to old natural resources.



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