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Things to know before moving to Dauphin Island Alabama

Are you planning to move to Dauphin Island, Alabama? There are a few things that you will find severely different here. Knowing those before moving can help you prepare a bit.

Top 5 things to know before moving to Dauphin Island Alabama

Dauphin Island can be a good place to spend your time. You will find some unique things to do in Dauphin Island which will be worth your time.

Here are the top 5 things to know before moving here.

1.     You need to be very picky when selecting a restaurant

Starting with food, you will not find a lot of great food choices here on the island. So, it is necessary to be choosy when selecting your restaurant to eat at. Trying a new place will not be a good idea always, so you can find assistance from reviews to see which places offer you the best food.

2.     The weather here is unpredictable

Moving to Dauphin Island may drastically change the weather situation for you. Being too close to the shore means you will consistently have wet weather. The risk of a hurricane affecting this place is also higher. Apart from the weather here, this place is too close to the airport, meaning that you will be consistently disturbed by the noise of airplanes.

3.     The public beach here is not free like other public beaches.

While most people like to visit the beaches here, remember that these are not free like most beaches worldwide.

There are per-person and per-car prices that you have to pay. Visiting the beach on off-season Mondays-Thursdays will be free as there will be no one for the collection.

4.     You can find all types of Sea Glass and Shells here

If you like collecting Sea Shells and Sea Glass, Dauphin Island will be perfect for you as you can find all sorts of stuff here. Take a bag with you when visiting the shore, and you will collect many unique things.

5.     Dauphin Island, Alabama, offers a Unique shopping experience.

While the regular grocery items are expensive, shopping for clothes and other necessary items here is cheaper than on nearby gulf shores.

There are amazing shops with lots of awesome and unique products to buy, and the best part is that everything is cheaper, from clothes to other stuff, including all the unique items and souvenirs. For your groceries, you may need to visit nearby places after driving for an hour.

Final Remarks:

While a few things offer a unique experience here, it is still a great place to visit with so much to explore. Work on the 5 discussed things whenever you move here to enhance your overall experience.



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