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Buyer’s Guide for the 3D Printer Under 5000

3D printers are getting very popular across the world. Due to the increase in demand for 3D printers, 3D printers’ production has significantly increased as well. Buying a 3D printer is the best way of investing because they pay for themselves because the production cost is low. For personal use, the 3D printer under 5000 is the best choice for you. When you’re buying such a printer, taking into consideration the following buyer’s guide will help you make the best choice.

1. Accuracy

When you’re considering the accuracy of the 3D printer under 5000, ensure that you check on the thickness of the layers of the filament to be deposited and also the accuracy of the XY axes. With the right accuracy of the 3D printer, you’ll be able to make prints that are exactly like the original designs, and you’ll have the ability to print very fine details on the creations you’ll be making. Be aware that different printers under 5000 have got different accuracy levels. Therefore, ensure you know the accuracy level before you buy the 3D printer.

2. Single or multiple extrusion

A 3D printer under 5000 has got different extrusion heads. If you want to print one color after a time, you should consider a single extruder since it’ll be sufficient. However, if you want to be printing using two or more colors or materials at the same time, you should choose a 3D printer that has two extruders. However, printing with two colors/materials can be a little difficult to set up compared to a single extrusion, though with guidance, it’ll be an easy thing.

3. Brand

The brand of the 3D printer under 5000 is another great thing to consider before making a purchase. With the emerging technology, there are brands that have been proven and are well known for having quality 3D printers. Doing in-depth research on the different brands that are available to know which ones are the best and even considered by other customers. You may as well check the reviews left by other customers on the brand to know whether it’s the best one.

4. Warranty

When buying a 3D printer under 5000, the warranty is an important thing for you to consider. You should inquire whether the cost of replacing the parts is included. Fixing the 3D printer can be difficult, especially for beginners. If this is the case for you, check whether the store from where you’re buying the 3D printer offers some labor to help you fix the 3D printer and teach you the basics of using the printer. Ensure you read and understand the terms of the warranty because they differ from one seller to another.

5. Type of material

The type of material you will be using during the printing process will entirely depend on the type of 3D printer that you’ll have bought. There are conventional materials such as ABS and PLA that are used for additive printing and are used by most printers. However, if you want to use a specific material for a specific model, then choosing the type of material to use for your 3D printer will be an essential thing for you to put into consideration.

When looking for the best 3D printer under 50000, it’s very important that you check on the reputation of the company first before making a purchase. A company that has got the best reputation will be in a position to sell the best 3D printers with the best quality and features that will give your 3D printing an amazing experience.



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