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Know How Your Sports Shoes Can Last Longer: 7 Must-Know Washing Tips

Sports shoes are no more only black, white, and basic. Sneakers are a clear shoe rack essential for men, women, and children. So, most households have at least 3 or more pairs of sneakers that can carry you comfortably and stylishly through various activities. However, maintaining these shoes is extremely important, so you don’t have to break into new shoes over and over again. Cleaning and maintaining your shoes will give them a longer life, healthier feet, and movement patterns. So, below are 7 Must Know Washing Tips so your shoes can last longer. So, buy your sports shoes online and learn how to maintain them so your stylish shoes can feel as comfy as your home.

  1. Hand Wash Your Sports Shoes

The safest way to wash your sports shoes is to hand wash them. Please be very gentle while doing this. Avoid using a harsh brush or wringing out the shoes aggressively. Make sure that you are gently handling the shoes when washing them, so it is only minimal or no wear, and try while washing. Even to squeeze out most of the water from your freshly washed shoes, hold the shoe in both hands and gently squeeze it out before restoring your shoes to their ideal shape and laying them out to dry.

  1. Put them in a Garment Bag

If you prefer washing your sports shoes in the washing machine so you can kick back and relax for those 45 minutes, please put your sports shoes in a garment bag before putting them in the machine to wash. Preferably, wash your sports shoes on their own even if you have put them in a garment bag. Also, if your buy sports shoes online  are relatively clean, use a quick wash cycle or set the machine to delicate wash.

  1. Soft Bristle Brushes are your Best Friends

Brushes are your literal best friend when you are trying to keep your sports shoes clean and cool for a long time. Make sure you are spot-cleaning at times instead of washing the whole shoe every time you feel like there’s a dirty spot on your shoe. Preferably, use brushes with soft bristles and use them even more gently when cleaning suede leather uppers.


  1. Damp Cloth for the Long Haul

Sports shoes with suede leather uppers are best cleaned with a damp cloth which has been diligently squeezed out. Simply wipe down your sports shoes with this damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water and squeezed partly dry until you feel like they are clean enough for the week. Please ensure you keep up with this type of regular cleaning so you won’t have to wash your shoes too often since washing them too much may also cause wear and tear.

  1. Mild Detergents Only, Please

If you’ve been on an intense hike or got something splashed on your shoes, please consider using a detergent. If you end up using detergent to spot clean or clean your whole shoe every once in a while, make sure you are using the mildest detergent possible. Also, dilute the mild detergent further by mixing it with water and make some liquid soap before applying it to your shoes. Then, use a brush with soft bristles, a soft damp cloth, or a damp fibre cloth to gently scrub out the muddiest parts on your sports shoes, so you don’t damage them but clean them properly.

  1. No Dryers At All, Please

Even if you put your sports shoes in a garment bag and delicately wash them in the washing machine, please do not put them in the dryer. Preferably, always air dry your freshly cleaned and washed shoes. If you have it, insert the paper foot mould into your wet or damp shoes and leave them to air dry by a window (a little further away from the window so they don’t end up catching dust as soon as they’ve been cleaned) or under a fan. If you do not have the foot inserts, just go ahead and reshape your washed shoes into their ideal shape before leaving them out to dry.

  1. Just Keep them Clean and Use Them Right

The easiest way to maintain your sports shoes for improved longevity is to not get them dirty in the first place. So, use them responsibly and take them to the right events and spaces with you so you can keep them clean without needing to clean them at all. Put them away in breathable shoe bags when you are not using them, and wipe them down with a dry cloth regularly so they can stay neat and dusted.

Big brands are generously using well-researched and innovative footwear technology to make your shoes not just stylish but also comfortable and durable. So, please maintain them properly and get the best out of their improved durability. But, of course, maintenance is not just about cleanliness and also about how efficiently you’re using your shoes. So, use your sports shoes mindfully and as cleanly as possible so you can maintain them more passively than actively.



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