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Is it worth dropping a year to prepare for CLAT?

CLAT is one of the most reputed entrance tests for law. To pursue your dream of pursuing law as a career, it is important to crack the Common Admission Test (CLAT) with a good score. It is a national entrance exam for undergraduate admissions supervised by 21 National Law Universities in India.  

Thousands of students appear for this examination each year. That is why it is extremely crucial to decide proper analysation. This write-up tells you about taking a year drop to prepare for the CLAT examination.


Revision: Students who drop out may improve their preparation by revising more. It is useful, especially for students who have less time for the extensive syllabus; it takes more time to make better preparation. It gives you a second chance and helps you learn from your previous exam performance.

Realistic Goals:

Previous examination performance provides a better understanding of how students can improve their productivity to boost their rank. Once the students have a proper idea of how much effort is needed to get a desirable rank, preparation would be easy and possible to obtain their ideal rank. 

No compromises:

Students who are confident towards their potential get the opportunity to enrol in top institutions without compromising with a less desirable college and switching courses in their careers. One more year of preparation won’t matter after getting admission into the top institute if they are firm regarding their passion and ability.

Extra Skills:

Most students believe that more free time is a chance to learn more skills. Taking a year off allows them to learn various skills such as computer languages, cultural activities like singing or playing instruments, any other vocational course for future use and a variety of other things. It not only helps to improve talents and abilities but also rejuvenates the students’ mental peace and comfort.


Year gap:

While there are a number of benefits available, we should not ignore the consequences of a year’s drop. Three hundred sixty-five days are very important to get internships and practical learning for future reference. However, dedicating one more year to studies is always appreciable and helps keep academic records clean by clearing up all doubts.

A feeling of isolation:

A year dedicated to studying alone may lead to becoming disconnected from friends and family. It makes the student feel restricted and lonely. It has been encountered that students withdraw themselves from social activities because of the pressure of studies.

Diversion from Goal:

One year is believed to be enough to study all the subjects thoroughly, but in most cases, this one-year duration is not effective. As a result, students become confused, waste their time and become lazy, negatively impacting their productivity and performance. Ultimately, they start overthinking and panic and change their goals. 

Stress and pressure: 

Depreciating, students have self-doubts ignoring the fact that year drop is for their betterment, as classmates and friends inquire about careers. 

While taking a year gap is not efficient for all, students with high determination who believe in giving their best in this one year can take a year’s drop to do their best in their career. Remember, it needs a good amount of self-discipline and dedication. 

Here are a few things to note down for better preparation:

In most cases, aspirants fail to succeed due to poor study and social life balance, and they forget the thumb rule that all work and no play make jack a dull boy. Generally, when students start preparing, they chase relevant study material, mock tests and hundred other things that occupy their minds and keep them busy all day long. In contrast, giving rest to your mind and body is very important. 

At any stage of competitive preparations, it is vital to relax the body and mind. CLAT is an exam that needs much brainwork in solving logical reasoning, qualitative and legal aptitude, and others. An exhausted mind lacks functioning to its optimum ability when solving problems and learning tricks. If a Law aspirant continuously studies without taking proper rest, he loses his precious time without realising it.

A well-categorised preparation strategy can be the saviour. According to the experts, it saves much time and reduces the effort students put in by channelling them in the right direction. 

Below are a few effective ways to balance CLAT preparation as well as social life:

  • Aspirants must take a mandatory break after each study session.
  • A nap of 20-30 minutes would refresh them for further sessions. 
  • Students must follow a disciplined lifestyle, including a healthy diet and adequate sleep
  • Visiting an educational counsellor is preferable. Most reputed coaching institutes have mentors who help boost their confidence levels.
  • Spending quality time with friends and family is also necessary for positive energy. 

All these will enable students to focus and help them to crack the CLAT examination.



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