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7 Tips to Keep Your Brain Sharp During the Summer

Everyone waits for the summer break to enjoy the weather and relax for the first time in fifteen weeks. Without a doubt, the best feeling in the world is the moment you pass all your tests and exams, and the books fly out of the window. Not literally, of course. Yet, it is understandable why you might not want to deal with anything too intellectual after intense months of studying. 

Yet, it is quite easy to forget about daily routines that can keep your mind sharp. If you want to avoid feeling desperate in the fall, you might need to check some tips and tricks to stay active and attentive. No worries, you don’t have to prepare for the upcoming semester. All you need is several hours a day and a good mood to keep up with your goals. 

Find a summer job

Summer is the time when you want nothing to do with any burden of college or jobs. Yet, having a part-time gig is more than just getting additional money. It allows you to learn new skills and effectively use them in your future career. Needless to say, it keeps your mind busy with all the new tasks you encounter. 

If it’s your first time working, it’s even better. You get to learn how to write a сover letter for job, have interviews, and overall navigate the job market world. You will feel much more comfortable when looking for your next job. It provides you with more things to use and consider beneficial. 

At the same time, a part-time position doesn’t take a heavy toll on the quality of your vacation. You still get to see your friends and enjoy daydreaming at the beach. 

Join a volunteering program 

Summer opens the floodgates of many unique initiatives and projects you want to be a part of. Depending on what you strive to achieve and how much time you are ready to dedicate to the program, you can sign up for local community projects or travel abroad. Without a doubt, anyone can volunteer and get the best of it. 

Of course, you might feel the pressure of responsibilities, but it’s the best way to challenge your comfort zone. Volunteering allows you to sharpen your communication, critical thinking, and organization skills. As a bonus, you get to expand your network, pick new skills, and contribute to your community. It’s an activity worth trying and keeping up with different projects. 

Pick up a new hobby 

Boredom is your worst enemy. You want to avoid getting bored and apathetic at any cost. Think about an activity that does not specifically involve being too productive. It’s a perfect time to make a list of everything you ever wanted to learn and turn it into reality.

Having a hobby can be anything that you are not expecting to elevate to the pro level. You can start learning a new language, musical instrument, or even learn how to drive. New activities encourage you to face new challenges and memorize the bulk of new information. 

At the same time, you can try to figure out chess or solve puzzles. Wherever form it is, online or traditional board games, you benefit by stimulating your brain. As a result, you are both entertained and sharpening your analytical skills and memory. 

Read your favorite books

Many students share a similar feeling of not having enough time to read their favorites list the semester. You have enough on your plate of study materials and writing assignments. Even though a program may consist of classics everyone needs to read, like Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley, or any other prominent poet and writer, it may not be what you want to read. Summer is perfect for making a list and finally getting into your personally tailored collection. 

Whether you read fiction or nonfiction, you stimulate your brain. It helps you to develop creative thinking, reduce stress, and improve your memory. Even if you don’t specifically like reading, you should try to find authors that will appeal to your interests. There’s always a book for anyone.

Practice meditation and yoga 

Many students overlook the advantages of yoga and meditation. It may seem stressful for people who are used to actively dealing with their emotions. Yet, meditation and yoga are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your self-awareness, and help you become more productive.

It also improves your focus, concentration, and memory. Of course, it takes time and practice to see the results. Still, you would be pleasantly surprised how it will change your brain and quality of life.

Adopt a pet

You can check out several boxes with this tip. First, you can help your local animal shelters and give a kitten or pup a new home. Second, you improve your mental health and brain functions by having a new life companion. It’s proven that having a pet increases your brain activity. It’s not strange because it is similar to adopting a new routine.

Pets teach you everything about responsibility and unconditional love. After all, taking care of a new member of your family is a very brain-stimulating activity.

Start having an active lifestyle

Regular and mild physical exercises help you to peak your physical and mental health. It is one of the most beneficial ways to regulate your mood and anxiety levels. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or run a marathon to see results. Starting little by little and exercising regularly reduces fatigue, stress, and negative ruminations. 

On the other hand, you can substitute standard exercises with anything that makes you happy. You can sign up to walk your neighbor’s dogs, help in local shelters to play with animals, or learn how to dance. Whatever keeps you busy and active is crucial to producing dopamine and serotonin. Your brains will thank you for a more active lifestyle. 

Summing up

Our brains can become dull and unmotivated if we don’t feed them food for thought. Whatever you decide to do, you should still have enough rest and avoid starving yourself. Combine these pieces of advice and experience the best summer ever. 




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