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Shipping a Car to or from California: The Dos and Don’ts

If you’re moving to California from another state, you may be faced with the question of whether to drive your car or to ship it by truck or by sea. If you’re moving from out of state, you may be faced with the question of whether to ship your car at all – it might be easier just to sell it and buy a new one when you get there! Regardless of where you stand on that issue, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about shipping your car, whether it’s just across town or all the way across the country.

Do research on companies

Before you decide which auto transport company is right for you, be sure to do some research on each. Call their toll-free number and talk with an agent to get a feel for how your items will be handled. Find out how long it will take for your vehicle(s) to arrive at its destination.

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Do your own packing and get insurance

Packing your car with friends can be fun, but there’s nothing worse than opening up your vehicle after a long drive and finding out that one of your friends got distracted by that new Netflix show. If you want your car to arrive at its destination safely, it’s best if you do all of the packing yourself. And don’t forget about insurance—if something goes wrong during transport, having coverage will protect you from any repair costs.

Don’t take the least expensive option

Many car shippers advertise low door-to-door rates, but what they fail to mention is that you will spend most of your time at their terminal, waiting for your vehicle to be loaded on their truck. You can avoid wasted hours by taking longer door-to-port options. In addition, high volume shippers will prioritize customer service over price; they are more likely to deliver your vehicle on time and in one piece. Our quote calculator will be able to provide you the cost to ship a car.

Do your homework – know who you are dealing with

The most important thing you can do when shipping your car is to make sure you know who you are doing business with. Do your research on reputable car transport companies before contracting their services. Check out reviews online and ask for referrals from family, friends, or colleagues who have shipped vehicles in your area before. This will help you find a company that has experience working in your region, knows your highways well, provides quality services at competitive prices, and is likely to stand behind their services if something goes wrong during transit.

Don’t worry about being perfect – be thorough

One of your first concerns should be how to protect your car’s interior, but don’t sweat it—you won’t need an industrial-strength detailing job. Instead, just make sure all surfaces are wiped down, dusted, and cleaned up. And don’t forget about vacuuming up those crumbs that are hiding in every crevice. A clean car is less likely to get damaged during transport.

Get help if you need it!

Many companies have made shipping a car easier than ever before, offering do-it-yourself services for just about every price point imaginable. However, as easy as it has become to ship your vehicle from one state to another, you should still get help when moving across state lines. If you’re planning on shipping your car, consider using an auto transport service that offers door-to-door pickup and delivery. You can usually find these services near major ports like Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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