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4 Features to Look for in a Student Laptop

Looking for the perfect student laptop should take time since there are so many different models out there with so many different features. A laptop may look great at first glance, but you may end up disappointed by the user experience. There are also features people overlook or aren’t even aware exist, so you need to educate yourself on laptops first if you want to find the best one for you. Here are some of the features you need to look for in a student laptop.

Battery Life

One of the things you should prioritize on a student laptop is good battery life. If you have to survive through long lectures, you need to know that you’ll be able to follow them without constantly wondering how much charge you have left.

At the minimum, you need to get a laptop that will give you eight hours of running time. Anything lower than that and it will become a liability. Battery running time is something you should find out when looking at reviews for any laptop. 


A lot of people don’t even think of getting a touchscreen for their student laptop, but it could come in very handy. Especially if it has a 180° hinge. If you have a main desktop, for instance, then you could use your laptop as a reference tool when writing essays. Reading content and browsing pages for research tends to be more interesting through a tablet-style interface too.

If this is something you’d like in your next computer, then check out these touch screen laptops for students. There’s something for everybody on there, so you should have no problem finding a model that works for you.


It’s surprising to see how few people compare keyboards when buying laptops. This is something you’re going to do a lot of typing on, so it would make sense for you to find a laptop with a keyboard you’ll actually enjoy using. Look at the size and spacing of the keys, their curvature, the top material, and if there’s a number pad on the keyboard. You should also check to see how springy the keys are and how much travel there is. 

Don’t overlook the hand rest either. Not being able to rest your entire palm could cause much graver issues than you imagine. This is what causes things like carpal tunnel syndrome to flare up, and hand rests were created for ergonomics. So, if the hand rest is not big enough to fulfill its main function, look for another laptop.


Storage might not be that important for average users, but it is extremely important if you’re a student. Especially if you’re in a field like video production, web design, or graphic design where you have to store large files. Here, we suggest that you get a machine with at least 1TB of storage. Make sure that it’s an SSD hard drive as well.

You must do your research before you spend your hard-earned money on any laptop. These tips should be enough to help you start your search.



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