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Shine your company with an impressive facade!

Facade referes to the front part or an exterior of a building. It truly depicts how good or bad a building is. Real estate investors pay signifiacnt importance to improving the appearance of a building.

It has long been known that the appearance of a company building is of great importance in the eyes of customers. A beautifully finished, well-maintained object can arouse interest in your company.

Natural stone facade tiles, brick cladding, sandstone slabs are just some of the options you can use to properly take care of the finishing of your company building. Get to know our proposals and choose the perfect solution adapted to your needs and expectations!

Attract new customers with an exceptional facade of the building

Facade panels are one of the most commonly chosen practices to finish both houses and corporate buildings. This type of facade is characterized by great resistance to weathering. Currently, there are many options on the market, which we combine with an unusual style and class due to the nature of the raw material.

Are you looking for the right way to finish the exterior of the building in which you operate? If yes, then you can make the best choice with the presented solutions. Stone facade is the perfect way to attract the attention of your future clients!

Luxurious sandstone facade slabs

Sandstone slabs, available in various finishes (honed, grained, polished, split), allow you to create an original facade. Sandstone is a natural sedimentary rock, extremely durable and resistant to harmful weather conditions. Sandstone facade panels do not lose their natural texture and color over time. Thanks to the possibility of easy cutting, you can adjust the appropriate size of the slabs depending on the facade design.

Clinker -modern solution for demanding customers

Facade clinker is nothing more than all cladding and clinker ceramic products intended for installation outside the building. Examples are bricks, fittings and tiles. The clinker panels we offer are the guarantee of easy installation. Hand-molded bricks give the possibility to make panels with non-standard dimensions, which emphasize the original character of the building. Clinker facades are characterized by resistance to harsh weather conditions, sound insulation of walls and greater fire protection.

Balkan style facade tiles

Facade limestone is another variant of creating a beautiful and original facade. Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed from organic debris. Its characteristic colors are gray, yellow or cream. Due to the possibility of having in its composition an admixture of iron, it can appear in yellow color with delicate elements of red.

Facade limestone, thanks to its plasticity, is characterized by the possibility of easy processing. So, if you create a facade with their participation, you can achieve extraordinary effects. Thanks to proper impregnation with a hydrophobic preparation limestone acquires exceptional resistance, which is reflected in cleanliness and original appearance.

Final Words

We hope this article helped you understand the importance of paying importance to facade of a building. If you want to explore more, you can ask us in the comments section below.



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