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What Are The Factors That Can Influence The Cost Of Commercial Roofing?

Replacing or repairing a commercial roof may add up to your costs. Therefore, it will always help to learn the factors that influence roof replacement costs. Most roofing experts will give you a budget estimate so that you get a clear picture in your head.

Many commercial buildings undergo multiple rounds of roof repairs before replacement. A complete roof replacement is a hefty project, and owners of commercial spaces should analyze their projects carefully. It will always help to learn the cost of the upcoming roofing project. 

The roof is arguably one of the essential parts of your commercial space. To increase the building’s value, it makes sense to invest in roof repair and replacement. Most professional contractors will help you get a clear idea of the cost of commercial and residential roofing. Here are some of the common factors that influence the cost of commercial roofing. 

The Overall Size of the Roof 

The overall size of your roof in the commercial building will affect the cost. The contractor will measure the square footage of the roof precisely to let you know the price. Moreover, your contractor will separately measure all other areas of the roof to recognize the total cost of materials. The typical measurements include the following aspects. 

  • Total dimensions of the roof
  • The approximate linear feet of the valleys on the roof 
  • The linear measurement of flashings required 
  • Additional items like vents and pipes 

No contractor can provide you with a quote without measuring the size of the roof. The need for labor and service members also matters. 

The Type of Materials can Influence the Cost of Commercial Roofing 

The type of materials you select will impact the cost of your roof replacement. For instance, every contractor will recommend you procure asphalt shingles before the commencement of the project. On the other hand, the metal roof will offer you optimal protection and curb appeal. 

It would be easier to add value to your commercial space with a metal or tile roof. Roofing materials come with various predetermined warranties. However, you should consider they are material warranties. In most cases, the roofing contractor will cover the warranties, also known as workmanship warranties. 

The workmanship warranties will secure the roof from leaks for a specific time duration. A roof is a long-term investment. It is pretty uncommon to replace the roof of your commercial building every two or three years. Therefore, procuring the highest-quality materials is of utmost importance. 

The Extent of the Damage 

In case you are replacing the roof because it has sustained damage, it will affect the cost. For instance, if hailstorms or other natural calamities have damaged your roof, they will influence the price. Patching up a leak when it’s just starting is cheap. But if you keep things unchecked, the cost can surge. Therefore, most experts will suggest you conduct roof maintenance periodically. 

The Shape and Complexity of Your Commercial Roof 

The complexity, along with its shape, affects the overall cost. Will the contractor walk on the roof easily? If your roof has fewer complexities, the price won’t be much to repair or replace it. Moreover, if the pitch of the roof is steep, it may need extra safety tools. The contractors will have to bring safety harnesses and other tools to ensure the completion of the roofing project. 

The Accessibility of the Roof 

Accessibility to the roof is an essential factor in commercial roofing costs. For instance, the contractors would find it easy to bring tools and materials to a one-story commercial building. But things can be different when you have a ten-story structure. The total height of your commercial building determines the roofing cost. 

Things to Know about Roof Decking 

Typically, commercial roofs are installed on the roof deck. The decking can comprise a variety of materials like wood, metal, etc. You should consult with the contractors to know the quality of the roof deck. 

In most cases, commercial building owners can’t thoroughly inspect the quality of the installed decks. In this scenario, the professionalism of the contractor counts. A professional roofing contractor will always install high-quality decks so that they can last longer. 

You can learn and estimate costs to replace the roof of the commercial building. However, consulting a professional roofing company will always be your best bet. Learn more on the Rapid Restore Roofing website!



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