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What Can You Do With a BCA Degree? 5 Popular Career Paths

Bachelor of Computer Application, commonly known as BCA is one of the most popular science courses. It is among the most liked science courses since it provides a thorough examination of technology and the processes involved in producing electronic gadgets. And, as the world develops, there is an increasing demand for people who have completed a BCA.

And, if you are wondering about the next move after completing a BCA degree, this blog is for you.

Study of Bachelor of Computer Application

The BCA program lasts roughly three years and is divided into six semesters. The degree aids interested students in laying the groundwork for a strong academic foundation for a career in computer applications. Topics like web technologies, languages like C, C++, HTML, and Java, and other topics associated with computer applications are included in the BCA curriculum. It is a very popular subject among students who want to work in reputable IT organizations.

You can apply for the course after completing 10+2 years of education, and also by securing at least 50% in the 12th grade or equivalent board exams. In addition, the inclusion of Mathematics in the 12th can be an advantage to applying for this program. However, the eligibility criteria may vary from college to college. In this context, the University in Chhattisgarh offers the best BCA study programs

Popular Career Options After BCA

The BCA degree, as a whole, helps you experience numerous career options. In the list below, we have tried to bring out the possible opportunities that you can think of upon completing your BCA study program.

  • Pursuing a Master in Computer Application (MCA): The next common choice for any BCA degree holder is to go for an MCA study program. However, if you have plans to specialize in this discipline, then pursuing an MCA course is the best option. And also, this academic program helps in the overall professional development of an individual. MCA is a two-year postgraduate program, and with a  bachelor’s in Computer Application, you will be eligible for this Master’s degree. The top-most job profiles after this degree include the roles of System Analyst, Database Administrator, Troubleshooter, Network Engineer, Software Engineer, and many more.
  • Becoming a Data Scientist: In the present scenario, data science is one of the fastest-growing careers. However, an additional data science course with the BCA degree can be an advantage to enter this job. Data science courses specifically include data visualization, programming, predictive analysis, big data, natural language processing, machine learning, etc. Moreover, the data scientist’s average basic annual salary generally starts at around ₹11.0 lakhs and can increase further. Multiple organizations have recently begun to understand the potential of data to increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, this sector has a plethora of implications across different industries. BCA college in Raipur often offers certain certificate programs.
  • Turning into a Cyber Security Expert: Right now, each organization prefers to digitize its data, so they need to take care of the cyber security concerns as well. As we know that online platforms are susceptible to online attacks, therefore each company hires cyber security people or companies. Moreover, this is a much sought-after job for many BCA graduates with the job role concerned with application, maintaining data security using sophisticated software and tools, networking, etc. And, with a few additional certifications, the opportunities might increase in the future.
  • Learning Product Management: Product managers are generally given the responsibility of the complete product life cycle of a product. Ranging from ideation, and planning to implementation, marketing, and customer service, a product manager is responsible for the entire product’s success. And to become a product manager, you must improve your skills which include user design, strategy development, planning, prototyping, market research, etc. As the field seems to go through numerous stages of development, therefore this is an option you can consider after studying for your BCA degree.
  • Going for an MBA: The MBA degree is largely preferred by students belonging to any background, because of its ability to provide you with a job option in the management sector. Also, getting an MBA after the BCA program is quite advantageous to all as it can offer you a lucrative salary. On average, the salary of those individuals can be around INR 7 lakhs per year. University in Chhattisgarh also has MBA programs available for its students.

Apart from these, there are countless opportunities for candidates with a BCA degree. With specialization degrees or certification programs, candidates can further explore various job opportunities that involve the roles of Technical Analyst, Software Development Trainee, Digital Marketer, Web Developer, E-commerce Executive, Blockchain Developer, etc.

Courses you can pursue after your BCA degree

A vast number of courses are available for BCA graduates that can be undertaken to improve their skills and knowledge, some of the common courses are- Coding, Network Security Courses, Cyber Security, and other traditional Master’s degree programs. Given below are a few more courses that can be beneficial for you in the long run.

  • IT Certifications: Taking into account their field of interest, various IT certifications can be chosen by the BCA degree holders. Some of those certifications include the names PMP (Project Management Professional), AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), and many more.
  • Online Machine Learning courses: Online machine learning courses generally focus on developing, as well as making use of computer systems that learn and adapt without following explicit instructions. Furthermore, it is usually termed as the creation of computer programs, which use intuition, and also can predict behavior in terms of patterns, and act accordingly.
  • Master in Information Management: The Master of Information Management (MSIM) is specifically designed for those interested in working with datasets. And, the course can teach you to organize, as well as analyze information by transforming large datasets into required, and useful information.
  • Master in Computer Management: The MCM (Master of Computer Management) is generally a two-year postgraduate course, divided into four semesters, and involves a mandatory internship program in its curriculum. It mostly specializes in implementing complex software system applications, and candidates can enroll for the course after completing their 10+2+3 level of education.

The list of courses also includes other important programs. And, the University in Raipur offers such essential courses along with their academics.

Kalinga University

Multiple universities include the Computer Applications program in their syllabus, and one among them is Kalinga University, located in Raipur. With a wide range of facilities, the university attempts at providing the best possible career outcomes for its students.

Here’s further information about the BCA and MCA programs of Kalinga University-

Name of coursesModeDuration
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)Semester3 Years
Master of Computer Application (MCA)Semester2 Years

Kalinga University successfully offers hands-on experience with software development, as well as networking technology through collaborations with leading IT companies. And, is widely considered a renowned private university in Chhattisgarh. For further information and eligibility criteria, do check out their official website.


As we can see, the BCA study program holds exceptional benefits in today’s context. Given the growth in IT sectors, there’s a rapid increase in the number of opportunities for BCA graduates, as the program concentrates on the most important computer science concepts.

Moreover, if you are looking for the best BCA University in Chhattisgarh, Kalinga Universitycan be your one-stop destination. We hope this gives you a better insight into the BCA degree, and the opportunities it has for you.


  1. What are some of the specializations for the BCA course?

Animation, Internet Technologies, Accounting Applications, Programming Languages like Java and C++, System Analysis, Management Information Systems (MIS), etc are a few of the common BCA specializations.

  1. Can BCA graduates apply for jobs in the banking sector?

Yes, BCA degree holders can apply for banking jobs. And, recently the positions in banking fields, which typically include technical roles are now more accessible to BCA graduates.

  1. Can you enter the Blockchain industry after completing BCA?

Yes, blockchain is one of the most promising industries in today’s world, and it is usually a system of recording and storing information, which is done to make it very difficult to hack and corrupt. However, some additional courses after BCA can increase your chances of making a career in this industry.

  1. MCA or MBA- which course is considered better?

Well, the choice completely depends on the individual’s interest. If you want to make a career in computer-related backgrounds and coding, then MCA after BCA is an appropriate choice for you. The MBA degree is generally taken up by candidates willing to work in managerial positions.



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