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The Instagram Effect: Lawsuit Highlights Potential Risks to Teen Mental Health

The Instagram Effect: Lawsuit Highlights Potential Risks to Teen Mental Health

Instagram, owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), has billions of active users, with a significant percentage being teenagers. While the app is widely used for sharing photos and videos, a recent lawsuit highlights the potential risks to teenage mental health associated with its algorithm. Multiple districts have filed a lawsuit alleging that the algorithm of social media platforms is defective and can lead to mental illness. 

The lawsuit makes specific allegations against Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, claiming that these companies intentionally targeted young people with their products and engineered them to be addicted, creating a mental health catastrophe. School districts in Bucks County are among the many involved in the legal action, as reported by NBC10 in a recent article.

If the case is successful, the effects on software development, regulation, and how the next generation uses social media might be extensive. In this article, we will delve into the potential risks associated with Instagram use among teenagers, the plaintiff’s case in the lawsuit, and Meta’s response.

The Case: Algorithm and Mental Health

According to the plaintiffs’ case, Instagram’s algorithm promotes content that can lead to mental health issues like eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. They argue that Meta knew about the negative effects of its algorithm on teenagers and had a duty to warn users of these dangers. 

The lawsuit makes reference to records made public in 2021 by Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager, which stated that Meta was aware that Instagram users were experiencing negative health impacts. As worries about the possible negative effects of social media use on young people’s mental health continue to mount, more and more parents are seeking legal help to address their concerns. 

Personal injury and consumer rights protection law firms like TorHoerman Law, LLC, and others are being approached by individuals seeking to file an Instagram lawsuit. They may offer guidance and support to those who have suffered harm from algorithmic biases and insufficient regulation of social media companies.

When contemplating legal action related to social media use, it’s crucial to bear in mind that several legal firms are capable of providing services in this domain. It’s essential to conduct comprehensive research to find the right firm which can help achieve the best possible result for the client.

Effect on Teen Mental Health

The potential risks associated with social media use among teenagers have been widely discussed in recent years. Excessive social media usage has been linked to mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, with young females being especially susceptible, according to studies.

The Instagram algorithm’s promotion of certain types of content could exacerbate these risks. For example, the algorithm could promote content that glorifies unhealthy body images, leading to the development of eating disorders. It could also promote content that encourages self-harm or suicide, leading to mental health issues.

According to a blog article by Tech Transparency Project, it was discovered that Instagram suggested accounts containing unsettling pictures of thin women to users who displayed an interest in losing weight. The target weights for some of the suggested accounts were as low as 77 pounds, and they openly supported anorexia and bulimia.

Facebook’s Response

Meta has not addressed the claims in the lawsuit directly. However, the company claims to have introduced new tools to its social networking platforms to assist consumers in curating their feeds. Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has expressed his willingness to accept new regulation from Congress, recognizing the need for greater oversight of social media platforms. 

Additionally, the company has implemented several measures to identify and remove harmful content from its platforms, such as content that promotes suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders. Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety at Meta, stated that they identify over 99% of such content before it is reported to them.

Despite these efforts, the lawsuit alleges that Meta and other social media platforms have not done enough to protect users, particularly teenagers, from the potential harms associated with algorithmic biases and insufficient regulation.


The legal action taken against Meta and other social networking sites serves as a warning of the possible risks connected to excessive social media usage, especially among minors. Although Meta has made some efforts to solve these issues, the case shows the need for further regulation and a commitment from social media businesses to put user safety first. 

If the case is successful, it may have a big impact on how social media platforms are created and governed. It is critical to put the safety and wellness of users ahead of corporate profits as research into the effects of social media on young people’s mental health continues.



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