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How Transcription Pays and The Factors Affecting It

Transcription rates vary, and the cost depends on many factors. It includes turnaround time, audio quality, and whether or not the transcription service offers rush jobs. Typically, transcription companies pay per audio minute or hour. However, there are some exceptional cases where transcriptionists may charge more per minute for audio with a lot of noise or crosstalk or when the recording contains obscure industry terms that only professional transcriptionists know.

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Cost Per Word

Transcription is an important task that can only be easy with a professional. The work involves listening to an audio or video file and typing the content into a written document. This process can be time-consuming and complex, especially for lower-quality recordings. The cost per word for transcription is essential before choosing a company. The rate you pay depends on various factors, including the quality of the audio, the turnaround time, and the type of transcription you need.

There are many different transcription services on the market, but each has its pricing structure. These might be a set rate, an hourly rate, or a rate per minute.

Some transcribers have hourly rates based on the number of words in the file, while others charge by the word. The latter rate is typically more expensive than the former since it requires more work from the transcriber. Specialized types of transcription (such as medical, legal, academic, technical, and financial) will generally cost more due to their specialized nature and the amount of research required. The primary determinant of transcription cost is the audio file’s quality, which will affect the speed at which your transcripts are transcribed. Shorter files, fewer speakers, a clear accent, and less technical subject matter are all factors that reduce transcription rates.

Cost Per Audio Minute

Various factors impact the cost per audio minute for transcription. The most common is the number of speakers on the recording, poor audio quality, and heavy background noises. These problems can make it difficult for the transcriptionist to transcribe the audio accurately.

Another factor is the location of the transcriber. Professionals from North America tend to charge higher rates than those from other countries.

The cost of transcription also depends on how long it takes an expert to transcribe the audio file. Transcribing one hour of audio might take up to 4 hours.

It’s essential to choose a transcription service that can deliver accurate transcripts. Whether you need an expert for medical, legal, financial or technical recordings, you need to find someone who can guarantee 100% accuracy in the final transcripts. Choose a service that offers an easy upload process and quick turnaround times.  The type of audio recording, whether it features various speakers or accents, and whether it contains foreign languages are further considerations. It would be best to determine whether you are prepared to pay more for demands like time stamps, subtitles, and other features.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time, or TAT, is one of the most critical transcription factors. It can be a great way to gauge transcription companies’ reliability and commitment and determine whether you can trust them to transcribe your documents. Turnaround times can range from a few hours to weeks, depending on your needs. Choosing a service with a turnaround time that works for you is essential, as it can help you save on the cost of transcription while still getting quality work.

The time required to transcribe an audio file varies based on the kind of file, the caliber of the original audio, and the amount of information needed. For example, transcription services with human transcribers can provide more detailed transcripts than automated transcription services. They can also replay the audio and fix any errors the automated speech recognition program could have made. This process takes longer than it would for an automated service, but it can be much more accurate and reduce the average turnaround time. Turnaround times can also be affected by the nature of the dictation and the organization’s scheduling needs. For instance, some organizations need fast turnarounds if they have an emergency, like a weather event that requires information to be distributed immediately. Others prefer a slower turnaround time with a long-term marketing campaign or video captioning backlog.

Additional Fees

Transcription services often charge an extra fee for specialized types of transcription, like academic, medical, legal, and financial. These technical transcriptions take longer to complete and require more research. Turnaround times are another factor that affects your transcription rates. Some services have a standard turnaround time, while others will charge an additional amount per minute or a flat, additional rush fee. Some transcription companies also have a per-line rate structure, which charges you based on the number of text lines in your file. A line is usually 65 characters (including spaces), so it’s a good idea to ask how many lines are included in the rate before signing a contract.

The best way to ensure you’re paying enough for transcription is to find a service that charges a fair price and provides quality transcripts. Consider the type of work you need to be transcribed and how quickly you need it back. Finally, it would be best to look at the level of accuracy and security you want your transcript to have. For example, if you’re in the financial sector, your files should be as secure as possible. If you need help determining which transcription service suits your needs, you can check the company’s pricing and turnaround times on its website. 



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