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Travel to Berlin

Berlin is a European hotspot and one that is frequented by thousands of people each year. One of the main things that people say about Berlin is how amazing it is and that they would visit again anytime. So what makes Berlin the ultimate city break?

The Currywurst

Food is an important part of German culture and the currywurst sausage is something that you do not want to regret not having. A frankfurter sausage, chopped up into small pieces covered in curry sauce and usually accompanied with some chips. It is cheap, quick and sure is delicious.

With lots of kiosks (and even a museum!) it is hard to miss the German delicacy.

Sporting atmosphere

Germany is known for having a raucous atmosphere for most sporting events and Berlin is no different. With the huge Olympic Stadium used to host Hertha Berlin and some German national games it really is a spectacle to behold and one that should not be missed if you visit Berlin. When arriving for a game remember to consider, Betvictor V Betfred – which is better? This will mean you can get the best odds and bet smoothly on the outcome of the Hertha Berlin game.

Bike tour

One of the best ways to travel around Berlin is to cycle. It is not uncommon to see people commuting to work by jumping on their own bicycle; so you will not look out of place on your bike tour. With lots of operators to choose from and each of them offering different style tours you cannot go wrong with which one you pick.

With the city rich in history, culture and being quite diverse depending on which area you visit, it is the perfect way to explore the whole of the city and see all the different parts that Berlin has to offer. It is also a great way to burn off your currywurst!

Sample the beer

Beer is part of German culture and is enjoyed by folk all over Berlin. German beer uses the principles of the German Beer Purity Law dictating that the ingredients for beer must be water, barley malt and hops so you know that the beer will be fresh. With lots of different types of bars around Berlin from craft ale places to local pubs to trendy bars you will not be stuck for choice.

The Berlin TV tower

The Berlin TV tower stands 203m tall and dominates the skyline of Berlin. It is an impressive building that offers a 360 degrees view of the city. You can go up and observe the city or you can also ascend to the top and have some food up there.

Eastside Gallery

As stated, Berlin is rich in history and one that had a troublesome one post World War Two. With the separation of East Berlin and West Berlin by the Berlin wall, the wall is still part of the city today. Even though the wall came down in 1989, there are still parts of the wall up in areas today. One of those places runs alongside the River Spree and is home to some fabulous art painted on the original wall.



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