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The different engineering fields and what they specialize in

Engineering is a vast subject with multiple branches in it, which makes it difficult for students to choose a particular specialization. Be it any type of engineering, it involves problem-solving. You need to figure out based on your interest areas which problem you want to solve. To help you out in making the correct decision regarding your specialization, we have written this blog that will include details of different types of engineering, benefits, and Top private engineering colleges in Kerala based on placement.

What is engineering?

Engineering is a field of scientific discipline and profession that uses our scientific knowledge of the natural world to create, design, and construct things to address issues and accomplish practical objectives. This can involve creating new highways, bridges, and vehicles as well as tools, computers, procedures, and machinery.

Benefits of studying engineering

  • It builds creative thinking
  • Financial security
  • Technological and scientific discovery
  • Professional work environment
  • Job satisfaction
  • Various career opportunities

Types of engineering

Below mentioned are the 6 types of engineering that you can pursue fromTOMS, one of the top private engineering colleges in Kerala based on placement.

  1. Chemical Engineering– It deals with manufacturing goods through chemicals. These engineers work with pharmaceuticals, microorganisms, and fuels. You can pursue chemical engineering if you are interested in studying life science and chemicals.
  2. Specialization– Food, pharmaceutical, textile, polymer, biotechnological, cellular, microbial, biomolecular, genetic engineering, etc.
  3. Subjects– Environmental engineering, high polymer engineering, biochemical, process instrumentation, material science and engineering, fluid mechanics, industrial pollution control, water treatment technology, bio-nanotechnology, ceramic technology, etc.
  • Civil Engineering– Civil engineering is concerned with the designing and development of projects related to construction and infrastructure. You can pursue civil engineering if you are interested in constructing buildings, dams, airports, roads, etc.
  • Specialization– Geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, architectural engineering, transportation engineering, and hydraulic engineering.
  • Subjects– Building construction and concrete Technology, Soil Mechanics, Surveying Theory, Applied Physics, Thermal engineering, Hydraulics Engineering, Structural Analysis, and Business Communication.
  • Automobile Engineering– This engineering focuses on the design, production, and operation of an automobile’s mechanical mechanism.
  • Specialization– Engine systems, Aerodynamics, rapid prototyping, fuel technology and emissions, electronics and control systems, and electronics and control systems.
  • Subjects– Computer and programming, graphics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering basics, physics, chemistry, fluid mechanics, physics.
  • Mechanical Engineering– Mechanical engineering focuses on the design, production, and upkeep of mechanical systems. You can choose to become a mechanical engineer if developing, experimenting, and advancing mechanical technology sounds interesting to you.
  • Specialization– Combustion, robotics, manufacturing, transportation, nanotechnology, and Mechatronics engineering.
  • Subjects– It includes subjects like mechanical design, stress analysis, thermodynamics, statics and dynamics, fluid dynamics, and technical drawing.
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering– This engineering is concerned with electronic equipment and electrical devices. The role of electrical engineers is to design, test, and maintain devices. They work with power station generators, satellites, and small projects like the manufacturing of microchips. You can choose this profession if you want to work with electrical devices and want to be part of future technological developments.
  • Specialization– Network systems, microsystems, Computer systems and robotics systems, electromagnetics, nanoelectronics, VLSI, and power generation and supply.
  • Subjects– Basics of electrical engineering, liner engineering, control systems, laboratory digital system, VLSI design, digital communication, IC technology, industrial automation, etc.
  • Computer science & Engineering– CSE engineering is concerned with the design, execution, and administration of information systems for both software- and hardware-based processes.
  • Specialization– Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, Data Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Enterprise Architect, Applications Architect, and Data Engineer.
  • Subjects– Artificial intelligence, vision and graphics, computer systems and networks, human-computer interaction, security, database systems, numerical analysis, software engineering, programming languages, bioinformatics, and the theory of computing.

Why should you choose to pursue engineering courses from Toms college of engineering?

  • Toms offers BTech as well as diploma courses in various fields of engineering such as chemical, civil, mechanical, computer science and engineering, automobile, and electrical and electronics engineering.
  • Toms offers placement to its students in top companies of structural consultancy, transportation sector, and architectural consultancies. This college has a reputed name in the best private engineering colleges.
  • This college offers training and placement opportunities to enhance students’ personality, presentation, and communication skills.
  • Toms offers standard infrastructure which includes hostel facilities, well-equipped labs, a library, and mess facilities.
  • Affordable course fee.
  • Diploma courses are DTE-approved and BTech courses are APJ Abdul Kalam University-approved.

Toms is not only a good college for BTech but you can also pursue polytechnic courses from here, Toms is also recognized as one of the top polytechnic colleges in Kerala.


We hope that with the aforementioned details of types of engineering, you must have figured out your area of interest in engineering. The career opportunities in the field of engineering are very promising so choose the top private engineering colleges in Kerala based on placement, which will help you get your dream job with a handsome salary package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much salary can you earn in engineering?

The average salary of an engineering fresher in India is 3,68,974 and with some years of experience, you can earn up to 8,00,000. Your salary will keep increasing with your years of experience. And it will vary according to the company you are placed in.

  • What are the eligibility criteria to get admission in BTech to the best private engineering colleges in Kerala?

Eligibility criteria of engineering colleges in Kerala-

  • You need to clear the CEE exam to get admission through the government quota in an engineering college.
  • Diploma programme graduates or 10+2 science graduates with PCM, who have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 45% are eligible to apply for a BTech degree.
  • Which are the top private engineering colleges in Kerala based on placement?

Based on placement, top engineering colleges are-

  • TOMS college of engineering
  • RSET Kochi
  • TKM college of engineering
  • JEC Thrissur NSS college of engineering
  • ASIET Kalady
  • Can I get lateral entry admission at TOMS?

Yes, toms offer lateral entry admission to Polytechnic diploma holders for lateral entry. They will be given admission directly in the second year of BTech.

  • What is the course fee for BTech at TOMS?

At Toms fee for the Government quota students is 50,000 per annum, and for the management quota students up to 99,000. Toms also offers scholarships to students on a merit basis.



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