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10 Tips Why Braided Wigs are the Perfect Choice for Your Hair

Many cultures have long respected and revered the ancient practice of braiding hair. Hand braiding or plaiting hair is a complex process that requires a lot of patience, skill and creativity. With stunning dimensions and visual texture that extends around the head, the results are well worth the time spent. As glamorous as braided locks may look, there are serious obstacles to braiding and keeping your natural hair. This is where braided wigs offer the ideal, practical solution.

We’ll go over the top ten reasons why braided wigs are a great option for braided hairstyles in this guide. Learn how, compared to traditional braiding techniques, they maximize styling and protect natural hair with unmatched versatility, damage reduction and ease of maintenance. Read on to understand the practical virtues and multitude of independent benefits of adding a wig to your beauty regimen.

1. Save hours of painful braiding.

Perhaps the main appeal of braided wigs is the considerable amount of time they save during hair styling. Natural tresses braids require a lot of patience and endurance. Depending on the desired braid size and patterning complexity, a single install can take anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours of non-stop braiding, not including takedown. This marathon session taxes the hands, eyes and brain to the extreme.

In contrast, synthetic and human hair braided wigs provide a pre-styled final look straight out of the box. Simply secure the adjustable comb and straps, blend the front hairline if desired, lightly fluff the braids – then you’re ready to show off your fresh braids in minutes. Convenience is incredibly freeing, allowing hours of personal time to be reclaimed otherwise lost to intense braiding. Kiss goodbye to frustration and fatigue.

2. Prevent traction damage from braiding and unbraiding.

While all hair benefits from resting untouched in its natural state from time to time, the reality of maintaining installed braids requires repeatedly traumatizing the strand through constant manipulation. The anchoring and tension required to develop uniform braids inevitably stresses the delicate follicles and causes hairline thinning over time.

Not to mention the damage done when braiding hair at the end of the cycle. Brushing frizzy tresses always causes breakage to fragile hair. By using braided wigs instead of repeatedly braiding your real hair, you protect your natural tresses from the overall loss of traction alopecia. 

3. Achieve consistent professional braiding results.

Even the most skilled braiding artists face obstacles in achieving flawless precision from start to finish when braiding hair. Small discrepancies in size, angle, and spacing slowly compound over the long process, affecting the results. The rows do not align with razor sharpness. The segments are of equal width. Parts come out uneven. Frustrating flaws persist.

In contrast, braided wigs achieve machine-level consistency in braid size and pattern. A product of complex construction at the ends of the thin, each row is perfectly aligned. The interval remains impossibly constant. The parts are never different. Sections are arrow-straight from root to tip. Thanks to wig cap foundations and off-site assembly, braided wigs provide artistic perfection beyond human limits.

4. Change up your look any day with wig versatility.

Once braided, natural hair stays locked in the same style until there is a drastic removal process. The instability of fitted braids comes at the expense of all other styling possibilities for months at a time. The braided wig alone offer the freedom to change your look from day to day.

Create a collection of wigs in different colors, lengths and braiding patterns to suit any mood or occasion. Feel like amazing micro twists on Mondays and mega goddess peaks on Fridays? No problem, you’re minutes away from a whole new look with the ease of a wig. Never suffer the wrath of peak hardness again. Wigs bring back the excitement.

5. Experiment with vibrant temporary hair colors.

Braided wigs allow for a safer experiment for those who want to try bold box braids in colors like hot pink, violet, or azure but aren’t ready to commit to their natural hair color permanently. Braided wigs allow you to keep up with trends without waiting for them to fade like real hair that is dyed and needs to grow out.

Premium synthetic and human hair wigs are made from fibers that can be easily dyed in an array of vivid colors. When the mood strikes, simply grab a braided wig in a temporary hue of neon, mint, or pastel. Go back to your original wig color later when you notice a change. Please without damaging your hair coloring fantasies.

6. Eliminate the discomfort of itchy new growths.

An unavoidable downside of braiding natural strands is the discomfort that comes with new growth along the roots of the braid. The structural clash between fresh edges and installed ridges inevitably causes scalp irritation and tension. Relief requires repeated tedious rebrading.

In contrast, braided wigs maintain their uniform texture over time, never exhibiting new growth. The smooth wig cap maintains its comfortable fit against the scalp without friction. Roots trying to break loose have no start. Braided wigs provide long-lasting comfort as installed braids become unbearable.

7. Get instant peak length and volume.

While long, attractive braided lengths are beautiful, natural hair can be difficult to grow too long. However, braided wigs again provide a quick fix. Because wigs are made from synthetic or human hair fibers, they can be easily pre-styled to any desired braid length.

Instead of waiting years to grow your hair that long, opt for floor-length braids. Additionally, compared to the limits of your hair’s natural density, braided wigs allow for faster volume build-up because the wig fibers are tightly bundled during construction. All it takes to achieve dramatic length and fullness is choosing a wig that matches your exact features.

8. Minimize painful daily wig maintenance.

The maintenance of installed natural hair braids requires strict maintenance:

1. Moisturize the ends daily with a leave-in conditioner to prevent dryness.

2. Wrap hair with a silk scarf at night to reduce friction

3. Shampoo your scalp weekly to get rid of itchy scalp.

4. Re-breaking loose parts as they occur to prevent further disorganization.

Pre-styled wigs avoid this constant maintenance. Simply slide on a braided wig for the usual fabulous look without the hassle of upkeep. Wash and air dry the wig weekly to restore shine and bounce. Maintenance takes minutes, not hours. Regain the freedom to live in reality, not an obsession with peak maintenance.

9. Reduce hygral fatigue and dehydration.

Over time, the repeated process of braiding and unbraiding the hair weakens the strands by removing protective oils and exposing the hair’s sensitive inner cuticles. The end result is hair that is extremely dry and fragile, breaking easily. We refer to this cumulative damage as hybrid fatigue.

In contrast, a protective layer that retains moisture and the integrity of your natural hair is provided by closed wigs. Even during extended wig wear, the suppleness and hydration balance of real hair is preserved when stored safely out of sight. Let braided wigs save you from the damage of excessive manipulation.

10. Maintain your style on adventures

Finally, braid wigs enable you to maintain your beautiful tresses wherever life takes you. Vacations, concerts, camping trips and performances become hassle-free for hair. Just secure your wig well at first, then take care of any activity from sailing to clubbing.

Braided wigs withstand all kinds of weather and conditions, and unlike naturally laid braids, they don’t loosen over time. You’ll never have to worry about tops getting ruined on long flights or beach walks again. With a wig, you can be fearless.

So, if you want consistently beautiful braided looks without too much maintenance, consider adding a braided wig to your styling arsenal. Knowing all the benefits that braided wigs offer will help you make decisions that will bring you the convenience, damage minimization, versatility, and ease of use of real hair braiding. Discover the relaxing world of Litwig. Your hair will thank you.



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