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Friendly Helpers From Digital World

Nowadays we get so much news about different developments. One more interesting thing. Don’t want to admit it but I think going out won’t interest anyone at all. Imagine for a moment, that you can get anything you want just by staying home. It is almost accomplished. Recent hobbies are more coming from the digital world. People who enjoy feeling adrenaline just need to play the games using VR headsets. People who enjoy testing their luck just join 22Bet app and can win a house. We are going to share some new devices so who knows might change your dull life. 


      For music connoisseurs who are not averse to trying their hand at creativity, developers from Hong Kong recently introduced an interesting HapsBox device. Outwardly, it is somewhat reminiscent of a UFO and is a portable instrument that allows you to create music. The key difference from similar MIDI controllers is that HapsBox is aimed primarily at amateurs and does not require complex training. At the same time, it has a powerful speaker system and provides amazing sound. The device is equipped with a rich library of sounds, which includes more than 200 professional instruments and over 100 accompaniment styles.

      Anyone can have fun and create music with HapsBox, even a beginner music lover. However, the device will also be of interest to professionals: it can be used to arrange melodies by connecting to various MIDI controllers using Bluetooth.

 Gazer Projector

    Projectors project images onto a large screen, giving the impression of being in a movie theater. They are available in a wide range, both portable and stationary. However, even against the backdrop of a variety of models, Gazer Projector intrigues its capabilities. This portable device is lightweight, stylish, and capable of 360° projection. With this projector, you do not need to choose a location or drill holes in the ceiling or wall for installation. It is easily carried from place to place and transforms any flat surface into a wide screen, independently performing focus and angle correction. These days, projectors are being used for numerous reasons, for example, projection mapping, classroom, and office as well.

      Picture parameters are also impressive. The device projects images in Full HD, and is 225% clearer than conventional projectors with a resolution of 720p. In addition, the developers claim that Gazer supports video formats up to 2K/4K Ultra HD and this will provide the sharpest image that can be seen on any portable projector.

Mutrics GB-30

       The latest addition to our roundup are smart glasses specifically designed for gamers, but they’re also suitable for casual gadget lovers. The idea is not new, but the implementation is very interesting. Open sound technology is used: speakers and microphones are built into the temples. This is convenient – the user hears well everything that happens around, and does not experience the discomfort that is common with in-ear use. Virtual 5.1 sound gives the game maximum realism, and the noise reduction system helps to hear the interlocutor well when talking on the phone.

    Mutrics GB-30 lenses protect against the blue light emitted by the displays and come with a pair of sunglasses. The glasses communicate with other devices via Bluetooth 5.0, and the battery lasts for 2-3 hours. This time is quite enough to watch a movie, and an increase in capacity would require a more massive case. The developers managed to successfully balance performance and compact size: the filling is dressed in a rather thin frame with a stylish vintage design, referring to the era of retro video games.

We tried to share the interesting devices that we recently e found for ourselves. Enjoy and keep safe! 



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