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4 Smart Home Automation Devices You Need to Invest in This Year

The year 2022 is all about making your home smarter and more livable, and this can only happen if you decide to invest in some of the incredible smart home automation devices that promise to make our lives significantly easier and way more efficient. We now live in a world where everything can be controlled through voice commands or sensory motions. It would not be a stretch to say that Artificial Intelligence has certainly taken over our lives to quite some extent. 

Therefore, this age demands that you start investing in some of the much-needed smart home automation devices. 

Don’t worry. If you are wondering which ones are worth investing in, then keep reading this article because we have listed the 4 best smart home automation devices everyone should get their hands on.

However, in order to use these gadgets, you need a stable and high-speed internet connection; preferably one with unlimited data. If your current provider fails to deliver such service, then we suggest you look for Spectrum in your area. This company offers a wide range of impressive plans and packages with a speed that is perfect to control all the automation devices seamlessly. 

Moreover, it also provides an excellent service to its non-native English speakers around the country. If you are of Hispanic descent, then visit Spectrum Internet Español and get all the information you need regarding the different speeds and their respective rates. 

Now that you have the basic tool to make your home automated, let us walk you through the four smart home automation devices worth investing in this year. 

  • Smart Lights: Philips Hue 

Philips Hue is widely known as one of the most in-demand smart lights in the market. You can easily integrate it with Alexa, Google Assistance, and HomeKit. Moreover, the installation process is a piece of cake and completely a hassle-free process. All you will be required to do is uninstall your old bulbs and install the smart Hue ones in their place. Immediately after this, you will be able to control it from your smartphone app.

Philips Hue is as good as they can get. Amongst many other impressive features, this bulb also lets you control the color temperature range. This means you can change it to warm when it is evening and cool white in the morning to make your home look cozy. 

Although Philips Hue bulbs are a bit too expensive for some people, still they are worth every penny. 

  • Best Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo (4th Gen) 

Hands down, one of the top-rated smart speakers; the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) offers impressive sound quality with a built-in woofer and dual tweeters. Its eco-friendly design looks super elegant and immediately captures your attention. 

Furthermore, those of you who are concerned about privacy can easily use its button that deactivates the microphones any time you want. Amazon Echo (4th Gen) comes in three stunning colors; charcoal, twilight blue, and glacier white. 

  • Best Hybrid Robot Vacuum: S7 Robot Vacuum

Say goodbye to the old ways of cleaning because S7 Robot Vacuum is here to save your time and energy. Its long battery life and fantastic obstacle navigation system makes it one of the most popular smart home automation devices in 2022. Moreover, it can clean continuously for more than 180 minutes, which in our opinion, is mind-blowing.

S7 Robot Vacuum is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Additionally, you can also use your smartphone app to control it, apart from these voice assistants. 

  • Best Home Security Camera: Arlo Pro 4

The Arlo Pro 4 is an incredible wireless outdoor security that offers you just the best features by delivering commendable video quality, automatic zooming and motion tracking, and a built-in alarm system. Arlo Pro is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, however, if you want the HomeKit integration, then you will need a base station for it. 

If you plan to get a home security camera with quality of 4k resolution, then you might have to look someplace else. But even with 2K resolution, Arlo Pro 4 offers clear footage both day and night, and that too in colors. 

Final Words

In order to put yourself at ease, you need to invest in smart home automation devices. They transform your home completely and make it look more futuristic and automated. Additionally, these devices allow you to control your home even when you are far away. Therefore, don’t wait any longer and purchase the abovementioned smart home devices today.



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