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Why Is Instagram The Best Platform For Influencers?

Instagram has witnessed exponential growth post its launch in 2010 and its acquisition by Facebook in 2012. It is the fourth most active social media platform, clocking over a billion active users. 

The skyrocketed growth of the app was credited to its simple user interface, but the company recognizes the need to stay updated with time. Without complicating the UI and UX designs, they have included features like Instagram stories and Reels, allowing people to have a more fun experience while engaging with their audience. 

Apart from becoming a hit amongst the masses, it has become a goldmine for business houses and local homegrown brands and has given a fantastic opportunity for Instagram influencers to make money. How? 

Read the article ahead and find out.

Who Are Instagram Influencers? 

 These users have a massive fan following with people who idolize them and try to follow their lifestyle. In other words, they “influence” their loyal followers and, in turn, become an asset for many brands. While some influencers already have an established name outside the social media, others often create a loyal fan base on these platforms and amass huge fortunes in the process. 

How Does Instagram Benefit The Influencers?

Following are the benefits for Instagram influencers

  • Massive Audience And Easy Discovery

 One billion active users is not a small number. Any Instagram creator with above-average content like Instagram Stories can gather followers, and if the content is high quality, then a loyal fan base is also. The audience does not have the compulsion to know every influencer’s name by heart before they follow them. One viral post or the follower’s interest matching is all it takes for the Instagram search algorithm to highlight the influencer’s feed. 

So, influencers are discovered more easily on Instagram than anywhere else.  

  • Influencer Marketing

 Instagram has transformed from a mere photo-sharing platform to an interactive marketplace, with some of the biggest brands leveraging it to expand their reach. But it is not easy to start on this platform from scratch when your purpose is to establish trust in people’s minds. This is where they contact Instagram influencers.  

Their creativity to create new content daily, along with an already loyal audience, serves as bait for the brands trying to ace their social media presence. Brands save money when partnering up with content creators compared to spending on print ads.

Not only are the influencers showered with free goodies, but valuable partnerships build the influencer’s credibility on Instagram and gather a broader fan base. The marketing platform was initially confined to free brand gifts, but witnessing a profitable return on investment has given the influencers an edge to bargain on a share of sales as well. This makes Instagram influencer net worth skyrocket compared tot hose of other apps. 

  • More Career Opportunities

 Many influencers have used their Instagram following to drive traffic to their youtube channels and websites and therefore multiplied their revenue streams. Paid partnerships in Instagram Reels have allowed many to become permanent faces of prominent brands and even chalking out their social media strategies. Entry into the movie/entertainment industry has become an organic milestone on the path to social media success. 

And there is a high probability for most new ventures to be successful owing to the trust and credibility they have gained on Instagram over the years. 

  • Platform To Create A Change

 Not every influencer is a fashion diva or a fitness enthusiast. Some social change-driven individuals have furthered their cause and motivated many to participate, and many investors have funded their cause because of Instagram’s easy discovery benefit. Many people are influencers not because of money but because they genuinely want to convey their message. No platform other than Instagram has the reach and the creative potential to convey its messages. 

  • Does Not Require Educational Qualifications

The ages of having specific academic degrees to earn are long gone. Those with the talent can effectively utilize Instagram to create their own empires, not depending on how well their grades are. This increases the confidence of millennials and Gen Z, who refuse to be tied down in conventional educational programs. 


 According to Instagram for business account, every 1 in 2 Instagram users discovers new brands on the platform, i.e., a massive 50% audience. Influencers have used these statistics to help local brands scale new heights with their power over people’s hearts and minds. The career trajectory on Instagram, whether through marketing or creating a business for self, shows promise, especially in an age where conventional desk jobs are becoming untrustworthy owing to the pandemic and forthcoming recession. 

So, what’s a better platform than Instagram, where you get a mass audience, premium brand partnerships, algorithm support, and a global reach? 



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