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Everything you need to know about elevator shoes

Elevator shoes are shoes that have a thicker section of the insole around the heel. This thickened section of the insole helps the wearer appear anywhere from two to five inches taller.

One of the most popular brands of elevator shoes is guidomaggi, an Italian luxury brand that was founded by Emanuele Briganti. Briganti’s passion for men’s fashion led him to create a high quality elevator shoe.

Elevator shoes don’t just increase your height. Below are five major benefits to wearing elevator shoes.

Increased Height

The first benefit of elevator shoes is an obvious one: they make you taller. Quality elevator shoes, like the ones from guidomaggi, can add two to five inches to your height without giving away that the shoes you’re wearing are elevator shoes. These stylish designs conceal the thickened insole, preventing others from finding out that you’re using shoes to boost your height.

Men may want to look taller for a variety of reasons. Although the average man is about five inches taller than the average woman, a man may want to appear taller if his wife or girlfriend frequently wears heals.

Increased height can also make you feel more confident. If you are below the average height, the added inches can help you feel like you fit in with a taller crowd.

The major benefit of elevator shoes is that they visibly and instantly increase your height. Most people have something about their body that they’d change if they could. For many men, elevator shoes are a great solution to their height problems.

Improved Posture

The second benefit of elevator shoes is that they can correct and improve your posture. For some, a difference in the length of legs can create serious issues such as scoliosis or clubfoot. Because elevator shoes come in a variety of thicknesses, an uneven step can be corrected by purchasing elevator shoes with different height adjustments. By evening out the length of your legs, you can correct problematic posture.

However, correcting posture isn’t just for men with uneven leg lengths. Elevator shoes can help you properly square your shoulders when you stand. They can help you walk straight. Because of the extra few inches they add to your appearance, they often cause you to think intentionally about how you’re carrying yourself. This improved posture can go a long way in boosting your confidence.


A third major benefit to elevator shoes is that they are stylish. A good elevator shoe can go a long way in completing a professional look. Luxury elevator shoes brands like guidomaggi provide a variety of shoe styles, all of which look clean and professional.

People in public offices, such as politicians and public speakers, often wear elevator shoes to complete their look. The added height and the style of the shoe itself lend to a professional look. Additionally, men who look taller often look more authoritative. For a man looking to establish authority in his field, elevator shoes can help.



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