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Tarik Celik is a professional streamer and videogamer. He is currently a Counter Strike: Global Offensive professional player. Tarik is a content creator for Twitch and has mainly focused on CSGO.

Although Tarik hasn’t yet made the switch to Valorant completely, he streams it from time-to-time. 

Tarik Valorant Video Settings

 Multithreaded rendering: On

Material Quality: Low

 Texture quality: Low

 Detail Quality: Low

 UI Quality: Low

 Vignette: Off

 VSync: Off

 Anti-aliasing: None

 Anistropic Filtering: 2x 

Clarity – Off

 [BETA] Experimental Sharpening: Off

 Bloom: Off

 Distortion: Off

 Cast Shadows: Off

Resolution: 1980×1080; 16/9 Aspect Ratio

Display Mode: Fullscreen

 Frame Rate Limit: Unlocked

This is because graphics can have an impact on the framerate. With Tarik’s ROG Strix GeForce RTX2080 TI OC, he is able to afford high graphics and a high framerate. It seems that having a steady framerate is more important than vibrant colors and lines. With the help of this guide you will get to know about tarik csgo settings in easiest way.

Tarik Valorant Mouse Settings

Sensitivity: 0.346

DPI: 800

Hz: 1000

Zoom Sensitivity: 1

Windows Sensitivity: 6

 How should I set my apex video settings?

We have tinkered with the aceu apex settings and compiled the following tweaks to improve your FPS.

Video settings

It is also a good idea to turn off any background programs while you are gaming, as they can steal your frames 

Full Screen Mode

 Full-screen mode allows your system only to focus on rendering Apex and nothing else. Windowed options can cause input lag and make it difficult to render your desktop or other tabs. This can lead to competitive games being unable to run.

Natives have a higher aspect ratio

Resolution: Native

You can lower your resolution if your system is crashing and you need to get more frames. This decreases the number pixels that must be rendered and improves FPS by a good margin. However, it comes at the cost of a longer viewing experience.

Brightness: This setting has no effect on overall FPS.

V-Sync: Disabled 

V-Sync won’t impact your frames, but enabling it can cause input lag. V-Sync can make a big difference in competitive games such as Apex. Therefore, we recommend that you keep V-Sync disabled.

Adaptive Resolution FPS Target : 0

 Anyone who wants to maintain a high FPS will find this setting most beneficial. However, it does so in a very disturbing manner. This setting automatically lowers your rendering resolution so that you can enjoy your target FPS. It technically increases your FPS but makes Apex less fun due to the constant adjustments and pastel-like graphic.

 Anti-aliasing: None

Budget for Texture Streaming: None

This setting determines the maximum VRAM Apex that can be used. It may be helpful to limit it if streaming but we recommend that the game run as freely as possible to achieve the best FPS.

 Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 2x

 This setting will have minimal effect on your FPS if you don’t have a GPU older than ten years. It eliminates blurring around objects, which gives players an advantage. You can also turn it off to increase FPS. 

Ambient Occlusion Quality: Disabled

 You’ll be able clearly to distinguish between the settings on and off. However, it is best to keep it disabled in order to get more FPS. This setting controls the amount of light that shines or reflects off the objects on the map.

Sun Shadow Coverage: Low

Sun Shadow Detail: Low

Model Detail: Low

Effects Detail: Low

Impact Marks: Disabled 

Ragdolls: Disabled

This setting changes how character models react to fatal damage. Although it allows them to be realistically killed, it can result in some FPS drops when you take down a squad.




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