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Looking for a rewarding career? Healthcare might be the right fit

It’s not easy to build a career that provides both financial security and work satisfaction. Most people end up making compromises and settle for either one or the other. However, you can have the best of both worlds and become a highly fulfilled professional on all levels if you make the right choice and work hard to achieve your goals. 

If you’re at that point in life where you need to choose a career or if you want to switch job fields, you’re probably having a difficult time deciding which path to follow. There are numerous opportunities and just as many challenges lying ahead. But if you’re not one to back down at the first obstacle, and if you’re determined to build a successful and satisfying career for yourself, then the healthcare field could provide the answer. 

You might have heard that working in healthcare is not for the faint of heart, and that is somewhat true. There is certainly a lot of stress associated with different healthcare professions, but the benefits you can reap by working in this field make it worthwhile. 

Pursuing a career in healthcare can be extremely rewarding for a wide variety of reasons. But if you’re not yet convinced that this would be a good idea, here are a few aspects that might change your mind. 

Job security

When people start evaluating different career options, job security is high on their list of priorities. This factor weighs heavily in the decision-making process because no one wants to enter a field where they have to struggle to secure a position or risk losing their job at any given moment. Fortunately, if you work in the healthcare industry, it’s highly unlikely to experience these types of issues. 

Healthcare jobs have always been and continue to be in demand. Data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also back this growth trend, showing that employment in healthcare is expected to experience a 16% increase from 2020 to 2030. Recent reports also reveal that half of the 20 fastest-growing jobs are in healthcare. There’s always going to be a need for skilled healthcare professionals in every sector of the industry, so job stability is the one thing you can be certain of. 

Earning potential 

If you’re hoping to get rich overnight, then healthcare is definitely not the right choice for you. But if you want to enter a field where hard work and commitment could help you earn a six-figure salary, you’re in the right place. In 2022, the average salary for healthcare workers in the US amounted to approximately $58,000, with wages usually ranging between $43,000 and $64,000. But you can earn a lot more than that if you choose a sought-after specialty like biomedical engineering, emergency medicine, or occupational therapy and become an expert in your area. 

It’s important to keep in mind that earning potential is directly linked to your specialty. Apart from job title, your wage will obviously be influenced by other factors such as skill set, certifications and the number of years you have working in the field. Regardless of these variables, jobs in healthcare are generally well-paid, and professionals can also enjoy generous benefits, including health insurance, retirement benefits, and paid holidays, which make the medical field a lot more appealing. 

A wide range of roles 

There are very few industries that offer such a wide range of career opportunities as healthcare. Although people tend to equate healthcare with doctors, there’s a plethora of other roles you can opt for, depending on your skills and interests, that can be just as or even more rewarding. You can become a nurse, a pharmacist, an ambulance driver, a first responder, a surgical technologist, a medical transcriptionist, etc. and work in a variety of settings. 

In recent years, a large number of people have been drawn to emergency medicine due to high job demand, the numerous work opportunities it provides, as well as the low barriers to entry.  For example, in order to work as an emergency medical technician, you need to complete basic EMT training. It takes approximately 120 hours of training to earn an EMT certificate and apply for a job in this area, which is a considerably shorter period compared to other specialties that require several years of higher education. 

Doing meaningful work 

If you’re a people person and like to help those who are in need, a career in the medical field is exactly what you need to express your care and compassion. There’s no doubt that the best part about working in healthcare is that you get to spend your time in the most productive way possible by making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. 

The healthcare industry gives you the possibility to interact directly with individuals and change their lives for the better on a daily basis. There’s nothing quite like seeing patients recover and knowing you’ve helped someone get through some of the most difficult periods in their lives. Regardless of your role within the industry, as a healthcare professional, you’ll know for sure that your work matters and your efforts are never in vain. 

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Growth opportunities 

Last but not least, healthcare can also be a very exciting field that allows you to grow on a personal and professional level. Once you’ve entered the healthcare industry, it’s going to be a lot easier to advance your education and transition to a different position if you feel the need for a change. There’s plenty of room to learn and evolve in every healthcare area. 

Apart from that, you’ll be working in a fast-paced environment, which means you’ll never get a chance to get bored. Advances in science, technology and medicine drive the continuous development of the healthcare industry, and that guarantees a bright future for you as a professional. 

Although it can take a lot of effort and determination, a career in healthcare can give you immense satisfaction, so there are plenty of reasons to give it a thought.  



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