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4 Ways Visual Product Configurator Software Can Enhance Your E-Commerce Business

Visual product configurator software helps e-commerce retailers and brands of all shapes and sizes deliver a more realistic buying experience online. Deploying a 2D or 3D product visualization tool can help consumers feel confident in their orders, reduce returns, and increase conversions.

Returns are costly for e-commerce businesses regarding processing, shipping, handling, lost sales, and environmental impact. A visual product configurator can decrease these costs and provide significant benefits for your business in the long term.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With visual product configurator software, your online shoppers can change color schemes, textures, and styles to create a personalized product that meets their needs. It helps them avoid the hassle of returns, thus building a loyal customer base for your business.

By 2020, customer experience will have surpassed price and product as the leading differentiator for businesses. It is more important than ever to provide customers with a positive experience when buying products from your e-commerce website. A visual CPQ tool can help you improve your online shopping experience for prospective and existing customers.

A visual CPQ provides an interactive product visualization experience that allows users to ‘virtually’ see, place and arrange real-to-scale 3D product models in the environment of their choice. It provides a more efficient and effective way to present customizable products to your customers, increasing sales conversions and revenue.

Moreover, visual CPQ tools allow you to impressively deliver your products to your customers, which can help you build a lasting relationship with them. Providing buyers a comprehensive understanding of your customizable products can significantly reduce order errors, re-works, and warranty claims and help your sales team close more deals with less effort. Ultimately, this will boost overall company productivity and profitability.

Reduced Returns

Many consumers are apprehensive about purchasing custom-engineered-to-order products online because they may need help visualizing the final product. It can cause them to feel dissatisfied with their purchase, leading to high return rates. However, visual product configurator software can help reduce these returns by giving customers a clear picture of their customized product before purchasing.

Unlike static 2D products, visual CPQ allows shoppers to view 3D models that scale and adapt to their chosen specifications in real-time. It immerses the shopping experience, allowing customers to immerse themselves in their design process and become excited about their purchase.

Additionally, customers can save their configurations for future reference, removing the need for the sales team to repeat the same customization processes repeatedly. It can also help speed up the quoting process as final product images are automatically embedded within the proposal document for quick and easy review.

Using a visual product configurator for eCommerce can improve the overall customer experience and provide VARs with a valuable tool to increase sales and build brand loyalty. The configurator can enable customers to personalize their product fully, streamlining the quoting and ordering processes and improving the quality of the product delivered to the customer.

Increased Conversion Rates

Allowing customers to design and create their products will build an emotional connection between them and your business. It will lead to customer loyalty which is difficult for competitors to replicate. It is why visual product configurators are becoming a popular tool for businesses in the eCommerce sector.

Visual product configurators allow shoppers to easily switch customizable elements and components of a specific product, such as colors, materials, add-on features, etc. These are powerful e-commerce tools for any product that allows customization. Whether it’s a customized car, office chair, or home furniture, this software will allow the consumer to create and view their product before purchasing.

It helps to avoid buyer’s remorse and significantly reduces return rates at your online store. Buyer’s remorse is an emotional feeling of regret after making a purchase. It usually occurs when the product received differs from what was envisioned or described on the site.

A visual product configurator will help to prevent buyer’s remorse by giving the customers a true sense and visualization of their product before they make the purchase. It will help the consumers to feel confident and comfortable that what they are ordering will be the exact item they receive in the mail. It will, in turn, help to increase conversion rates with your online store.

Increased Sales

A 3D visual product configurator is an online tool that allows users to customize products and view the results of their changes. These tools have become extremely popular as consumers demand a customized shopping experience. These tools can help businesses increase sales by strengthening purchase decisions and minimizing returns. They also enable customers to understand what they are purchasing and how it will look when delivered physically.

These tools are handy for both B2B and B2C brands. They can help streamline the sales process by eliminating countless back-and-forth emails between a digital sales rep and the buyer. They can also help businesses reduce inventory and increase manufacturing efficiency by allowing customers to create a perfect product for their needs. The process is easy to navigate, and each change the customer makes to a watch instantly displays the extensive product image.

This feature has helped the brand to create a sense of loyalty among its customers and helps them keep coming back for more. It has also facilitated the growth of referrals and has increased overall business revenue.



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