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Four reasons why freelancers and companies prefer coworking spaces

It’s easy to see why freelancers and start-ups, along with small to medium companies, like coworking spaces. It’s incredible to work in a workspace surrounded by differing industry verticals and innovative minds. Imagine surrounded by a place buzzing with professionalism, rather than working isolated in a traditional office or even working from home. To your right, an enthusiastic start-up founder may be coming up with ideas with his team on the best way to get their framework live on the cloud, while a large corporation may be closing a million-dollar deal in a conference room to your left.

Co-working centers are now not only used by freelancers and small businesses, but also by large corporations with hundreds of employees. While this concept may have begun with the intention of providing a cost-effective, innovative environment for small teams, it has evolved into much more.

In looking for fresh ideas, professional talent, acquiring targets, and adaptable office space on rent, many individuals and companies too prefer plug-and-play offices. Let’s look at some of the main reasons:

Value for money: At coworking spaces, you have the choice of working out of fully furnished office spaces with 24×7 power backup, Wi-Fi, mail management, and even refreshments for a wide range of companies who can rent these offices on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Everyone has unique business requirements, ranging from hybrid office culture to remote office to in-person team office. Low-cost office space is essential for new businesses or startups. Workspace providers provide feasible options for both low-cost office space and custom-designed managed office. These premium business centers enable multiple industries to collaborate. 

Building a network: In addition to providing a flexible and pleasant working environment, coworking spaces facilitate professionals to meet and interact with each other every day, connecting with their coworking community. You can explore the possibilities of networking and mentorship in coworking space. Establishing networking opportunities among promising individuals is critical for business owners and new businesses, as also for freelancers. Nothing is more important in today’s society for businesses than knowing the right people or having a strong business network; regardless of industry, or whether you work for a major corporation or as a freelancer from home; getting your identity out there is critical to an increasing and successful business.

Shared office space is a unique approach to networking that enables you to grow your company in an enjoyable, exciting, and inspiring environment with like-minded individuals. There’s nothing like it; being online is fantastic, but you can’t form the same bonds with people as you can when you’re working side by side with them. 

Opportunities for Collaboration: This advantage is tightly related to networking. When you collaborate in a coworking space, you are open to new experiences and opportunities. Who knows where a casual conversation might lead? Working in close quarters allows for quick collaboration. You might even hire someone new before you realize it. The proximity of the coworking community facilitates teamwork. More work is done with greater efficiency.

Professional Installation: Consider having a client meeting or the first meeting with a prospect at your home or in a noisy cafe. Cleaning the house, making the necessary arrangements, or booking a table at a cafe for the meeting would be time-consuming. However, using a coworking space shows clients that the freelancer is professional and takes his or her work seriously.

Summing it up 

Working from cafes and home has yielded the best results, but not for everyone. Coworking space in Bangalore have the potential to eliminate all of the disadvantages of working from home or in a cafe. iKeva is one such workspace provider with community and member benefits that will take you a step closer toward the future of work, and help you produce the best outcomes, whether you are a freelancer or a company.



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