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Most Efficient Strategies for Handling the Visa Process of Foreign Employees

The recent labor shortage has made it mandatory for employers to look outside of their home country to complement their workforce. Hiring foreign employees is fun until the traveling process begins —for most countries, there are different stages, but the visa stage stands out since other stages depend on the success of the visa stage.

The visa process for foreign employees requires a lot of time and research due to the different types of visas and how to get them.

Efficient Strategies For Handling the Visa

The visa process for foreign employees starts immediately when you reach the employer-employee agreement, and it all boils down to the country. For instance, South Korean work visas are of different types, United States work visas are of 13 types, and other countries also have different types.

So, if you’re willing to have a foreign employee on board in South Korea, get familiar with the different types of South Korean work visas, the requirements and strategies.

After acquiring a valid passport that its validity will last till your stay in the target country, a visa photo that you will upload, receipt number, proof that the employee will return home, amongst other important things, then complete your online registration.

Schedule Interview

To save yourself stress, once you meet the requirements, schedule the interview as soon as possible. Although this may not be compulsory if you are younger than 13 or older than 80, but as an employee, you will need to attend the interview.

During the interview, make sure to remain true to yourself and the interviewer because they have been trained to detect lies, and once they detect any lies in your information, your visa request will be automatically declined.

Complete Additional Requirements

After the success of your interview, you will be required to give digital fingerprints and also pay additional charges like the issuance fees.

Types of South Korean Work Visas

  • E-1 Professor Visa

This is typically for lecturers or researchers who want to conduct educational activities in any college. This visa lasts for a whole year and can be renewed after a one-year interval.

  • E-2 Foreign Language Instructor Visa

This type of South Korea work visa is for language instructors that want to teach language at any company or school. This type of work visa is a multiple entry visa, and it is valid for two years and can be renewed after its expiry by the employee.

  • E-3 Research Visa

This is for expats invited by either private or public research institutions. It is another multiple entry visa with one-year validity and can be renewed after it expires.

  • E-4 Technological Guidance Visa

This is typically for expats with technology prowess that either public or private organizations invite for technology advancement of the country. It is a multiple entry visa that can last up to a year, while its single entry type lasts only three months, but both types can be renewed yearly.

  • E-5 Special Profession Visa

According to the name, this type of visa is strictly for lawyers, architects, accountants, and physicians, amongst others, who are licensed internationally and also have the permission of the South Korean government to practice in the country. This type of visa is also of two types, multiple-entry and single-entry, that can be renewed yearly.

  • E-6 Culture and Art Visa

This is exclusively for musicians, artists and others with similar backgrounds. It is a multiple entry visa with one-year validity and can be renewed yearly.

  • E-7 Specially Designed Activities Visa

This is for foreigners that want to participate in any activities the South Korean government designed. It is of two types; the multiple and single entry with a one-year and three-month validity, respectively.

  • D-5 Long-term News Coverage Visa

This visa is for reporters working with media companies and can only last three months.


The world is under a labor shortage hence the need to hire foreign employees. As an employer, the safety and traveling expenses of your employees should be duly covered unless an agreement has been made in advance.

A work visa is just as important as the work itself because, without it, such employees cannot be granted access by the government to work in the country. It can also lead to illegal stay in the country, which is punishable by law.



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