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The best floor mattress in 2022: the final purchase guide

The floor mattress can easily be called an integral part of everyday life for various reasons. This is a great accommodation option for guests and families from abroad, a cozy and comfortable bed during fun camping nights, as well as a cost-effective alternative to massive bed frames, such as spring beds.

However, there are many types of floor mattresses, which often complicates shopping. This should not be a headache, because we have written a compelling guide on how to buy the best floor mattress. In addition, we researched, tested and reviewed the best floor mattresses of different types. To discover more about mattresses in Australia please visit Chiropedic

What is a floor mattress?

In fact, each mattress can be placed on the floor and sleep on it, but there are certain types of mattresses that are suitable for sleeping on the floor. However, floor mattresses are specifically designed for laying on the floor, and they are not compatible with any bad frame. They are often used to save space in small rooms and apartments and are stored when users wake up.

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The floor mattress can be used in different situations, for example, when you have guests and you need a portable way to save space for sleep. They are also used on the beach, on picnics, in camping. They simply have a wide range of uses. The ultimate goal is to make sleeping on the floor more comfortable and tolerable.

Why should you invest in a floor mattress?

Floor mattresses have many advantages, and here are some of them.

They save space. – It is no secret that many people live in small rooms or apartments, which makes it impossible to install a traditional bed frame and mattress. This way, people can fold or fold their mattress and free up room for everyday chores.

They save money – a new bed frame and a really good mattress can cost up to thousands of dollars. Folding mattresses save a lot of money and do not harm comfort.

They are easy to carry – they are ideal companions for picnics, camping and other ways of traveling.

They are easy to receive – if your family and friends spend the night often, a mattress on the floor is a great way to easily make them feel comfortable and relax.

Temperature control – if you sleep on the floor, you will often feel refreshed and cooled, instead of sleeping on powerful memory foam mattresses that heat up easily.

Types of floor mattresses

There are two main types of floor mattresses:

Folding floor mattress

Folding mattresses can be easily stored and they usually provide more comfort. In most cases, they are also called three-fold or two-fold if they consist of fewer layers. They are usually made of foam with a memory effect and have additional comfort zones and layers, which makes them more comfortable than other types of mattresses.

They are easy to store because they are equipped with small folds that allow each layer to be stacked on top of each other. It also makes them quick and easy to store.

Rolled floor mattress

Rolled mattresses on the floor are much thinner and more affordable. They use cheaper materials, they are usually less comfortable and have less support, unlike folding floor mattresses. When folded, they have a cylindrical shape, which makes their storage even easier. In addition, they come with straps that provide a snug fit when folded.

Folding and sloping floor mattress

We will highlight the similarities and differences between these two mattresses to better understand and make it easier to choose the best floor mattress.


Folding floor mattresses come with many layers of memory foam. In addition, they may have a layer that fits your body. On the other hand, in rare cases, folding floor mattresses have one or two layers. They usually use cotton and synthetic padding.

When it comes to covers that are used for two types, folding mattresses have removable covers that can usually be washed because they are made of synthetic and natural materials, mainly cotton and polyester. Rolled mattresses have a simple fabric cover that does not come off, except in rare cases.


Folding mattresses are equipped with non-slip bases that hold the mattress in a fixed position. They boast textured friction rubber and particularly durable materials. Rolled mattresses, which do not have multilayer, are not equipped with non-slip bases, except for premium, thicker models.


Folding mattresses have a greater thickness compared to rolled mattresses. For example, they can be two to eight inches thick. However, on average, good ones are available in thicknesses of four to six. On the other hand, the thickness of the roll mattress is up to four inches, for those with a premium size, and 2 for those with a medium size.


Folding mattresses are easy to care for, as most of them have a removable cover that can be machine washed. On the other hand, the foam layers are spot clean and not recommended for washing, as the quality of the memory foam deteriorates.

As mentioned above, roller mattresses are mostly clean because you can’t remove their covers because they are sewn. Some premium models have a removable cover that can be washed in the same way as folding mattresses.


As you know, both of these types of mattresses are designed to be portable, easy to move and store. But is it about travel? Let’s find out.

Folding mattresses are thicker, but when you fold them, you can easily put them in your car or van. They are usually too large to store bags, unlike roll mattresses, which are easy to store, come with travel bags and can be easily carried. In addition, roller mattresses are lighter than folding ones, which makes them a good travel companion.


Because roll mattresses are less thick and provide less support, they are more affordable. Their price can be from 15 to 100 dollars, while a good and reliable folding mattress can cost up to 200 dollars.


The final decision is up to you. However, remember that floor mattresses are a great investment worth buying, especially if you live in a small house and have many friends and family.

Floor mattresses save space and money and easily replace massive and bulky beds and mattresses. Our compelling guide ensures compliance with all quality standards and the best offer for a variety of products. Let us know if it helped you!



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