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SnapTik allows users to save TikTok


SnapTik is a free app for your PC or Mac that allows you to easily create and share videos on TikTok. With SnapTik, you can add text, images and music to your videos so they’re unique and personalized. You can use SnapTik’s built-in tools to make edits like cropping or rotating pictures, applying filters like pink skies or neon backgrounds, changing the color of text blocks in specific areas of your video frame (like on top), adding titles below images or other content within the frame itself as well as giving it a specific start time when it uploads so others can see exactly when it was created!

Can you use SnapTik for free?

You can use SnapTik for free if you have a TikTok account and a TikTok app. If you don’t have an account, we’ll ask you to set one up before we can give your free access.

Does SnapTik remove watermark?

SnapTik is a free app that allows users to save TikTok videos. The app was developed by the same company that created the popular Snapchat client, which means it’s probably safe to assume that the developers of SnapTik aren’t trying to rip off their competition. In fact, they’ve actually made it easier for people who want to share their TikTok videos with friends and family without having them disappear into thin air after one viewing by providing an option for exporting your video file in either .MP4 or .MP4v format (the latter being higher quality).

SnapTik also doesn’t have any watermarks on its interface aside from those appearing when someone opens up an individual video inside their own library—so you can rest assured knowing that no one will be able to tell who uploaded what until they get around opening up all sorts of other apps before getting back here!


Overall, I think SnapTik is a great app to try out if you’re interested in saving TikTok videos. I love that it’s so simple and easy to use without any hassle. The only downside is that there aren’t many other features, but for what it does offer, it’s absolutely worth trying!



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