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Jonah Engler: 3 Challenges All New Parents Face after Having Kids

Planning to have kids is a new and exciting step in every relationship. Couples who plan to grow with each other and build a family love to plan kids from an early step in their relationship. But what they forget to consider are the numerous challenges they can face after having kids. 

Planning to have kids is a huge step and in no way is Jonah Engler trying to scare you into not having them, but it is essential for couples to be prepared for what lies ahead of them. If you think your life and relationship with each other will remain the same even after kids, let us tell you, you might be wrong. A lot of things change – some for good and some for bad. But fighting the challenges together is the real test of your relationship.

If you are new parents who areoverwhelmed by taking this massive stepin the relationship, we are here to help you out. There is no need to think of this article as a warning but as guidance to help you be prepared for whatever comes your way. Here are three challenges all couples face after having kids.

Jonah Engler: 3 Challenges all Couples Face after Kids 

  • Less Romance, More Responsibilities

There is no doubt that with kids in the house, the number of chores and responsibilities double. You have to now take care of yourself, your partner, and a new family member – who, by the way, will require your most time and attention. This, in turn, cuts on the time you previously spent with your partner, and this can take a toll on your bond. Johndoe says it is best to divide your time equally and make sure you are not neglecting your partner along with all the work and chores.

  • Increased Financial Burden 

Kids are expensive, and there is no debate about that. Most couples are too engrossed in the excitement of welcoming a new member to their family they end up ignoring the reality of it. With kids comes a lot of financial burdens, and there is no easy way out for you. Therefore, Jonah Engler recommends couples plan ahead and not have kids until they are financially stable. 

  • The difference in Parenting Opinion

This is one thing that not many people talk about – but sometimes ends up becoming the most significant problem between a couple. When people plan kids, they forget to discuss their parenting ideas, and the problem arises when the kids are already present in the equation. Everyone has a different parenting style, but if your parenting ideas are not compatible with your partner’s, you will likely face a lot of trouble. Thus, take Jonah Engler’s advice and discuss everything beforehand to avoid future problems. 


Jonah Engler: Fight the Challenges 

There is no doubt that a lot changes between two people with kids in the equation. A lot is bound to be different, from making each other a priority to shifting all your attention toward your child. But the key lies in sticking together and being each other’s best support. Don’t forget that challenges are inevitable; just focus on each other and parenting your child the best way possible. 



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