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A Helpful Guide to Getting Over Your Ex & Moving Forward with Your Life 

Whether you yourself made the hard and conflicting decision to end your relationship, either due to the fact your head has been turned and you can find yourself becoming more and more attracted to someone else, or your ex-partner’s decision has entirely blindsided you, the time has come to move forward.

In an effort to help you come to terms with and, in time, wholly embrace your new single life and this new phase in your journey, continue reading for a helpful guide to getting over your ex and moving forward. 

  1. Pamper Yourself

Firstly, as you are transitioning towards a new, freer, and more self-care mindset to help you feel better on the inside, it is worth doing everything you can to look better on the outside, and although it is a bit of a rom-com cliche, a makeover could be just the thing. 

Research the latest advice regarding what styles and colors of clothes suit your body type and skin tone, take yourself off for a solo date to rejuvenate and relax, and learn more about the myriad benefits of laser hair removal. 

  1. Give Yourself a Break

One of the most important elements of your new mindset as a single person to adopt and, crucially, to regularly remind yourself of is that you are allowed to feel down, sad, and consume an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s in under an hour.

However, there is a huge and important difference between allowing yourself to feel the loss of your relationship before you get back on the metaphorical horse and experiencing sporadic, yet serious, periods of low mood and should you feel as if your mental health has been negatively affected, make sure you speak to your medical doctor. 

  1. Immerse Yourself in Music 

Engaging in creative pursuits is a tried and tested way of channeling your emotions, however complex they may be, into something positive, but if you are currently in a position whereby you can only feel sad, cry, and lament the loss of your partner, then the arts can still help. 

Spend the time putting together a music playlist of a wide range of songs from all genres, from classical to rap, which act as a catalyst for letting your feelings out, such as a romantic song for when you feel like you need to cry and an independent woman theme for when you are feeling more positive and ready to tackle the world single-handed. 

  1. Learn to Respect the Time You Shared 

In the initial days and weeks following the split, you will obviously be unable to logically pick apart the good times from the bad, especially if you want the partnership to continue indefinitely.

Bad-mouthing your ex-partner, stalking them surreptitiously on social media, and doing everything you can to find out what they are doing now they are single themselves will only serve to prolong your negative feelings and instead, try and reframe how you view the good times in your relationship to help you move on



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