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What to expect from a global MBA program?

As companies are going globalized, they look for candidates who understand international and global business. This is why students are opting for MBA in global management. After completion of this course, students can pursue different roles in management that pay well and continue to advance in their careers.  There are various other MBA programs available in management but global blended MBA programs offer the best curriculum and knowledge of both the domestic and international markets. If you are interested to know more about the global MBA program, read this blog.

What is a Global MBA program?

It is a 1-year to 15 months post-graduate program for working professionals who want to boost their careers and take leadership roles. Colleges collaborate with international colleges to offer this MBA program. With this course, MBA abroad for Indian students will no longer be a dream. There are various B Schools in India that offer a Global MBA program.

Benefits of pursuing Global MBA program-

  • Better career opportunities in multinational companies.
  • Better learning experience.
  • You will learn the same concepts as top B schools in India which they learn in 2 years.
  • You will get a chance to network with people from different parts of the world.
  • In the Global MBA program, the focus is on experiential learning. You will learn by doing.

Are you facing trouble in finding MBA colleges in Mumbai from where you can pursue a Global MBA program? Then you can check out UBS, Mumbai.

Career prospects

MBA in global managementopens your career prospects in managerial positions in international/multinational companies. Your job options will vary according to the specialization you choose. Below listed are some popular and well-paid job roles which you can apply for after completion of your MBA.

  1. Global Management Consultant– Global management consultants assist businesses in discovering and establishing profitable operations in overseas markets. With this employment, you will first assess the state of the company’s current operations, and after a thorough assessment, you would recommend to them where they fall short and how they might strengthen themselves.

 Additionally, you will be in charge of reducing expenses, enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency, and managing operations.

  • Business Development Manager– As a business development manager, you will be in charge of defining and developing strategy-based organizational goals you work for, as well as negotiating business partnerships.

 Along with the sales strategies, you’ll also need to establish a specific set of objectives for the company’s marketing. All of this contributes to a company’s overall growth and an increase in the amount of revenue and profit that is generated overall.

  • International Sales Manager- As an international sales manager, you will coordinate with the sales team to achieve the sales target within the specified time frame. Additionally, you need to promote the products and services of the organization.
  • International Trade policy Advisor– As an international trade policy advisor, you will communicate rules, regulations, and other business practices followed at the international level of your client’s domain.
  • Multinational Marketing Manager– As a Marketing manager your responsibility will be to check out foreign market trends and based on the result you need to make advertising campaigns. Additionally, your role will also be to look after, manage and maintain the reputation of the brand.
  • Global supply chain Manager– Finding supply chain methods that work for one’s selected markets and specific products is one of the most difficult parts of multinational businesses. And the global supply chain managers assist in locating reputable vendors in international marketplaces. They search for vendor organizations that can flexibly provide the right quantity of items at the right time which helps the organization in preventing expenses and revenue losses.

Universal Business School

UBS was founded in the year 2009 by international business leaders and aims to develop and nurture future global leaders of the business world. At UBS, people from different continents study together in harmony and dignity. This is one

UBS has curated a Global MBA course with the Cardiff School of Management (UK), and IIM Indore. And the industry leaders are the faculty members here.

UBS offers MBA in global management in 4 specializations-

  1. Human resource
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Logistics & Supply chain

And 8 sub-specializations in-

  • Lean six sigma
  • Digital Marketing
  • Wealth management & portfolio optimization
  • Retail management & e-commerce
  • Fintech
  • Data Analytics with SAS
  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • Wealth management & portfolio optimization

Eligibility criteria– Applicants must have 2 years of working experience to be eligible.


The MBA in global management/Global MBA offers a platform that aids students in realizing their career growth ambitions, leading to a stable future with greater employment chances in the business sector and higher income structures. If you are interested in making a successful career abroad, enroll in UBS’s global MBA program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the fee for the Global MBA program at Universal Business School, Mumbai?

The tuition fee for the Global MBA program at Universal business school is 9.98 lacs.

  • Why should you opt for a global MBA over a regular MBA?

If you want to make a career abroad or want to work in international companies, Global MBA is a better choice than a regular MBA. Regular MBA concentrates on the business operations of a domestic country whereas, in a Global MBA, you will learn everything with a broader and international perspective and you will receive better career opportunities with handsome salary packages.

  • What is the Global MBA admission process at Universal Business School?

The admission process to UBS is competitive and is based on performance across multiple criteria such as the academic score in classes 10th, 12th, and graduation, Score on the MBA entrance exam such as CAT, GMAT, CMAT, CET, and active participation in extracurricular activities in school and college, communication skills, work experience and statement of purpose.

  • Is a Global MBA valid in India?

Yes, a global MBA is valid and highly valued in India, especially multinational organizations looking for candidates with MBA in global management as they have a great understanding and knowledge of the international market. Also, they are well paid in terms of salary.

  • What is the salary of Global MBA graduates?

The average salary of Global MBA graduates ranges from 7,00,000- 12,00,000 in India. However, your salary will differ according to the company and country you choose to work in.



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