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Four Creative Décor Ideas To Make Your Windows Look Fancy

Windows are defined as the element which allows you to look outside and let the light cross the wall. In common sayings, the eyes are also referred to as the window of the soul. 

Simple windows cannot make your room look beautiful and that’s why we feel the necessity to partner them up with cloth hanging around them or design them. 

Clothing over your windows will give your room privacy and style. For this purpose, be careful to not use any material that will make your windows look gaudy and weird. When it comes to decorating the windows, you can be creative by using simple, less expensive, and high-quality materials that will embellish your room. 

Use the light shade curtains

Lighter and darker shades, both have unique combinations to pair with. If you look for something more decent and elegant for your room. It is always a good choice to use light colors or blinds for the curtains.

 Light shades are always an excellent preference to achieve a softened look for the windows. Light drapes will make your room look wider and bright.

Keeping in mind the size of your windows will help you to choose which shade would be a good match. Usually, darker shades absorb more light and give a less fancy look.

Be specific while choosing the fabric for the curtain

Fabrics, like silk, faux, linen, and flocking velvet are the best choices for the window treatment as it gives a fancy touch to your windows. Silk fabric is more durable but you have to make sure before buying that the material is washing-machine friendly or only for dry cleaning.

There is a wide range of fabrics that will give your room a perfectly chic look and keep the heat in the room. 

Talking about these fabrics, you will find a good variety in velvet, suede, and crush synthetic velvet which represents the category of flocking velvet. 

You will find this stuff wonderful, and love to customize it according to your window size and shape. 

Extra tip

After choosing the color and shades don’t go for the horizontal strip patterns as it is not the ideal choice for window treatments.

 Pretty window décor starts with beautiful windows

Before starting to décor any window, make sure your windows look good and function well. Decorating the old one will not give any good impression to your room and might hurt your home’s appeal.

 You can also contact the home consultation for more window decoration ideas according to the window design to make the room attractive.

Curtains also help control the UV rays that enter your house. UV rays can cause many skin issues such as Keloids, for which you should use the best keloid cream for instant relief. 

Place the furniture wisely around the windows

If you are interested in making the windows the main subject of attractiveness, firstly, you should point your furniture according to the room’s direction. 

Placing the furniture far from the window will make the room bigger but if your room has a small window you can put a desk or mini table just below it. The benefit you will get will frame it beautifully and will give an integrated feel.



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