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9 Benefits of Multifunction Printers

A multifunction printer (MFP) is a type of device that is ideal for photocopy, printing, scanning, and even faxing documents. It is a great addition to your small business or for individuals who need to print, copy, scan, or fax documents on a regular basis. An MFP is also perfect if you want to spend the least amount of money and save the hassle of purchasing different units. It is compact and reduces costs and improves your workflow.

Let’s read this article and uncover the 7 benefits of multifunction printers.

  1. Easy to Use

Ease of use is one of the key benefits of all-in-one printers. Just learn one interface, and you will be able to unlock its printing, scanning, and copying functionalities. This will enhance productivity as you will have to spend less time mastering its interface. Also, simple navigation and intuitive color touchscreens are a plus for new users.

  1. Space Saving

When compared with separate units, a device with a fax, copier, printer and scanner, consumes less space. It provides all services in a manageable size that is well suited even for the most confined desk. So, it is ideal for most offices and homes that have moderate to small-sized areas. Not only this, but MFPs reduce clutter because you don’t need to connect multiple devices.

  1. Pull Printing

Pull printing is a type of feature that makes sure only authorized people can use the device and print documents. Today’s advanced multifunction printers typically offer this added security feature to minimize the risk of leaking sensitive data. With this feature, you can print documents securely even on shared printers without revealing information to an unauthorized person.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Because just a single machine runs, a multifunction printer dramatically requires less energy to function. So, it saves power thereby reducing your electricity bill. In contrast, the constant running of multiple units consumes more energy. More advanced all-in-one printers are approximately 40% to 55% more efficient than their separate devices.

  1. High-Level Comfort

A multifunction model is a single device but has many features. So, it provides you with a higher level of comfort. Print a document or picture, etc. scan it, make a copy and fax it with the same machine. You won’t need to walk to different appliances. Because every printing activity occurs on one network, it makes the printing environment easier to control.

  1. Improved Printing Environment

An all-in-one printer scanner ensures an improved print environment. It means that you can easily track the printing costs. And when you’re able to track, you can control, reduce or stop unnecessary expenses on printing. What more?  The MFPs allow you to save documents digitally, prevent unauthorized printing, protect confidential information, and boost security.

  1. Better Document Management

With an all-in-one printer, you can manage your printing hub in one place digitally and physically. Some of the advanced models have advanced software that allows you to connect a wireless device like your smartphone to operate the printer. This will allow you to design and print documents from a single unit.

Further, when the entire document flows through a single printing hub, it will enable you to tighten the document management process. This is one of the ways to transform our office into a productivity powerhouse. Since all documents are getting printed, scanned, copied, and faxed from a single machine, it will increase security, visibility, and compliance.

  1. Easy to Find Parts

Maintaining many specialized machines is more challenging than keeping one general device in good working order. In case of any problem, spare parts of an all-in-one printer can easily be found, and therefore more reasonable.

  1. Less Maintenance and Repairs

Practically, a single piece of equipment requires less maintenance and servicing than multiple separate devices. If any repairs are required, getting them fixed could be simple as it will be done at once for the whole equipment. Just a single call and a professional will come and check each function of the machine. So, you will save on repairing and maintenance costs.

How to Choose the Right Printers and Scanners

In order to buy the right device with copier, fax, printer and scanner, keep these things in mind:

  • Consider what types of documents you’ll be printing most often.
  • Go for a high-quality text printing feature if you need to print mainly text documents
  • Choose a device with photo-quality output if you’ll be printing mostly photos
  • Think how much money you can afford to invest

Last but not least, take a look at multiple features and evaluate which one is the most suitable to meet your requirements. The most common features are automatic two-sided printing, wireless connectivity, and the specifications to print different types of paper.

Bottom Line

A multifunction printer is available in both inkjet and laser models. If you choose an advanced one, it will allow you to connect to a computer through Wi-Fi or USB. Most modern printers support mobile printing. It means you can print documents using your smartphone.



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