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5 Ways to Style Slip-On Tie-Dye Shoes for Fashion-Forward Kids

Slip-on tie-dye shoes are an easy way to add color and personality to any outfit. Plus, they’re a fun and easy DIY project that can be done with minimal supplies. Soak your shoes and laces in warm water and soda ash. Then apply your dye. Be sure to rinse your brush in clean water between colors to prevent the colors from bleeding together.

Pair them with jeans

Whether your kids like to wear jeans or dresses, you can add a pop of color with tie-dye shoes. Try shopping for tie-dye shoes and using the Journeys coupons. Tie-dye shoes pair perfectly with denim skirts and pants for a fashion-forward outfit that prepares your kids for anything. If your kid is a girly girl, pair her tie-dye shoes with a floral dress. The floral pattern will complement the bright colors of the shoes and create a cute, feminine look. The shoes will also go well with a denim jacket and skinny jeans. When applying the dye, leaving white space between the different colors is essential. This will help prevent the colors from blending too much. Using the wet method, you will want to apply 1-2 drops of each color on the shoe and allow it to spread.

Pair them with a dress

Tie-dye sneakers are a fun way to add color to a girl’s wardrobe. She can pair them with jeans, a T-shirt, or a dress for a more formal look. If her dress is dark, she can apply a lighter shade of dye to the shoes for a contrast effect. To avoid dye bleeding into other areas, washing your brush in clean water between each color application is a good idea. It also helps to apply the lightest shades of dye first, followed by the darker colors. This will ensure that the colors don’t overpower each other. To create a cool swirl pattern, fold or scrunch the shoes before applying the dye. You can also create stripes or spirals by wrapping the shoes accordion-style with rubber bands. Then, cover the shoes in the dye and let them soak for 20 minutes. You can purchase a tie-dye kit from most home improvement stores or online. They come with instructions for mixing the dye and a drying rack. Once the shoes are dry, you can remove the laces and soles and re-attach them.

Pair them with shorts

If your girl loves to play outside, she’ll want comfortable sneakers to run around in. She can wear her favorite graphic tee with tie-dye rainbow shorts, then add a vest to keep her warm when the sun goes down. If she will be spending time in the water, a pair of waterproof shoes is a must. Apply 2-4 different colors in a swirl pattern on your shoes to achieve the best tie-dye effect. Remember that dark colors can overpower lighter shades, so start with the darkest color first (usually blue). Follow the instructions on your particular dye kit for preparing the fabric and rinsing off the color.

Pair them with a skirt

Kids who love fashion will want a pair of eye-catching Slip-On Tie-Dye Shoes that bring a playful pop of color to their outfits. They’ll also need comfortable footwear that can be tossed in the washing machine. Sneakers are great for school, errands, and hangouts with friends. They feature low-profile textile uppers, elastic side accents, and signature rubber waffle outsoles. To make your tie-dye shoes:

  1. Purchase a kit with dye and various transfer sheets for various designs.
  2. Apply the colors to your shoe using a foam brush.
  3. Remember to wash your brush in clean water before applying each new color. As the ice melts, the colors will blend to create a one-of-a-kind design.

You can also sprinkle salt over the ice to create a speckled effect.

Pair them with a T-shirt

Tie-dye shoes are a fun way to add color to any outfit. They’re perfect for pairing with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look or a skirt for a more formal look. They also look great with a sundress or a pair of shorts for a day at the beach. To get the best results when dyeing your shoes, wear rubber gloves and follow the directions on your dye kit. You can also create a more speckled effect on your shoes by adding salt to the water before applying the dye. When working with multiple colors, it’s a good idea to rinse your brush in clean water between each application of color. To keep your kids’ feet comfortable and stylish all summer, try these slip-on tie-dye sneakers from Vans. They feature a vibrant tie-dye design and elastic side accents for easy on and off wear. They also have a cushioned insole and a removable bungee lace that allows you to adjust the fit. Plus, they’re machine washable for easy cleaning.



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