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The Best Neighborhoods in Arlington, VA

If you are planning to move to Arlington, Virginia, you may have already started looking for jobs and housing in the area. A general housing search has probably turned up many, many results. However, one way to really target your search for housing is by searching by neighborhood.

Think about what you prefer in a neighborhood, or the characteristics your family would prefer in a neighborhood, and explore your options with those preferences in mind. A single young professional may want something different in a neighborhood than a family with young children. Here are the best neighborhoods in Arlington, Virginia:

Arlington Ridge

If you are looking for a family-friendly neighborhood with convenient commute times to a variety of places, Arlington Ridge is a good option for you to consider. Arlington Ridge is only a few minute commute to such places as Pentagon City and the District of Columbia itself.

Arlington Ridge is also home to a few historical sites, such as the Hume School and Civil War forts. Families will also enjoy Prospect Hill Park and Aurora Hills Library. There is a variety of housing available from single-family colonial style homes to townhouses to apartments.

Aurora Highlands

Aurora Highlands is located near Arlington Ridge and includes Pentagon City. The neighborhood has a community vibe and is a designated National Historic District, which helps preserve the small town feeling there. 

These characteristics make this neighborhood very walkable. Young professionals may like that they can walk to restaurants and shops, and parents might like that their kids can walk or bike to school. Homes here are larger and therefore more expensive than Arlington Ridge.


Clarendon-Courthouse is a neighborhood that may appeal more to single people or young professionals. The area is known for being lively and for its nightlife scene. It is conveniently located to the metro and other commuter routes. 

Clarendon-Courthouse has a variety of restaurants and bars, as well as a farmer’s market and many annual festivals throughout the year. There is also an outdoor mall, as well as several live music venues. The area is walkable, and more available housing is condos, townhouses, and apartments.


Cherrydale is located on the north side of Arlington and is another great option for families or those looking for a community feel. There are several great schools to choose from, and Cherrydale is home to Arlington’s only outdoor public swimming pool.

The Curtis Trail is also located in Cherrydale, which allows residents great opportunities for hiking and biking, and there are regular events in Cherrydale like block parties and more. Housing in Cherrydale is generally single family homes in styles like craftsman, colonial, or farmhouse.
With these top neighborhoods in mind, you can compare your preferences to what these neighborhoods offer. Once you have your favorite neighborhoods, you can start looking at Arlington real estate that is available in your preferred area. Any of these neighborhoods would be a good choice, depending on what you are looking for in your ideal neighborhood.



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