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Ubuntu Certified Hardware: What it is and Why it Matters

As innovations in technology speed along, businesses need to keep up with the ever-growing tech trends to stay competitive and efficient. However, it is not as easy as selecting a new device and hoping for the best. Instead, businesses want an easy installation and technology that is intuitive and works seamlessly with their current systems. Many companies are more selective with their hardware to ensure this, choosing only Ubuntu-certified hardware.

What is Ubuntu Certified Hardware?

To understand Ubuntu-certified hardware, you must first know what Ubuntu is. Ubuntu is a widespread operating system that offers a user-friendly interface, great compatibility, excellent customizable options, and the support of various software. Due to all these benefits, it’s a standard operating system choice for companies, industries, and individuals.

Ubuntu-certified hardware has received a sort of stamp of approval from Ubuntu. It refers only to hardware that has been rigorously tested to ensure it works seamlessly with Ubuntu operating systems. Not just that, it also means the hardware will receive security updates over the lifespan of the certification. Overall, it shows validation from Ubuntu engineers, which gives you peace of mind. So, the next time you’re shopping for hardware such as embedded systems at, look for that Ubuntu-certified stamp of approval from expert Ubuntu engineers.

The Advantages of Ubuntu Certified Hardware

Is it really worth looking out for Ubuntu-certified hardware? When purchasing new tech, it’s always important to have that assurance that the device will work as it says it will, and that is what Ubuntu-certified hardware offers. 

If you need more convincing, below are the advantages of Ubuntu-certified hardware.

. Security Updates

When you choose Ubuntu-certified hardware, you choose hardware that receives long term-support. With the Ubuntu Pro Subscription, your device is secured for at least ten years and benefits from ongoing updates.

. Certificated from The Source

If you use Ubuntu as your operating system, it makes sense to choose hardware that’s received a stamp of approval from the source. It’s a way of knowing – without a doubt – that the hardware you’re investing in will integrate smoothly with your current systems.

. Rigorous Testing

All Ubuntu-certified hardware goes through rigorous testing via a full range of automated lab tests to ensure it is fully compatible. You do not need to worry once you see that certification; you know it’s been tested well.

. Peace of Mind

It can be challenging for organizations to find tech they feel 100% confident in. By looking out for Ubuntu-certified hardware, you get that peace of mind; you know that the hardware will be compatible with your current systems and that it will be a simple and seamless integration.

Choose Ubuntu Certified Hardware

Ubuntu is a cost-effective operating system used by all kinds of businesses thanks to its compatibility benefits and ability to run a wide range of software. By picking only Ubuntu-certified hardware, you choose hardware that’s been through rigorous testing and validation by knowledgeable Ubuntu engineers.



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