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6 signs of a capable injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Were you hurt in a semi-truck accident in Fort Lauderdale? Did you suffer because of your surgeon’s error? Do you have a premise liability claim? These are typical personal injury cases that involve recovering a financial settlement. No matter the circumstances, you should meet an injury lawyer and discuss the prospects. In this post, we share signs that you have found a competent legal team.

  1. They are quick to schedule a consultation: You need to know what damages you can recover and whether you have a potential lawsuit that can be explored further. If you called a law firm and secured an appointment with one of their known attorneys, you know that your case is being handled with care.
  2. They are upfront about possibilities: A good injury lawyer will never lie. They will ensure you understand the various legal strategies and have a fair understanding of the expected outcome. Never hire someone who is okay with twisting facts or compromising on professional ethics.
  3. They have experience: When your likely compensation is worth thousands of dollars, you wouldn’t want to take risks by hiring a regular practitioner with a law degree. You know that an attorney is worth your time when they have been practicing personal injury law for years in Florida. Experience with similar cases is an advantage.
  4. They have been to trials: Personal injury lawsuits are settled through negotiations in most situations. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to go before the jury to recover a fair amount. An injury lawyer who has been to trials and knows how things work inside the courtroom is always a better choice.
  5. They are compassionate: An attorney may not be your therapist or friend, but they must have a compassionate attitude and must be empathetic to your plight. If they answer your questions and make an effort to educate you about various aspects, they know the job.
  6. They don’t ask for a fee immediately: While lawyers usually bill by the hour or have a retainer fee, this is not the case with personal injury lawsuits. For the latter, even the best attorneys in Fort Lauderdale ask for a contingency fee, which is only due after you get compensated.

The sooner you get an attorney, the more time they will have to handle the case and get evidence and witness testimonies. Make a list of top law firms in Fort Lauderdale now!



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