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Easy and Fast Download Latest Mega888 APK and iOS Game Guide

Mega888 is a famous gambling platform in Asia. It is one of the classic apps and has been around for a long while now. A majority of the online casino players are fans of Mega888 and there are many reasons why it is preferred by players over many other platforms.

Mega888 has amazing graphics which look stunning and has many different themes available to choose from which give the players a proper casino vibe. It is highly trusted and reliable since it has been around for such a long time and has built a reputation for itself over time. To download the app on Android and IOS phones, we have made a guide to help you through the process.

How to download Mega888 on Android/IOS/Desktop

You can download the Mega888 app from different websites. Here’s a tutorial on how to download it on IOS and Android.


The Mega888 app is not available on the App store either because it is not certified yet. You have to install it manually on IOS and Android phones. Fortunately, you can easily do it through third-party websites as well.

Go to the website and click on the button for downloading the IOS app, download and install it. After installation, the Maga888 application will appear in the iPhone app drawer but the installation process is not yet completed. After some while, your iPhone will show you a notification saying which says “Company Builder cannot be Trusted”. To get rid of this, you need to do the following steps.

Open Settings > Click on ‘General’ > Click ‘Device Management’ > Select (Mega888 Sdb Bhd), after that you need to click Trust (Mega888 Sdb Bhd) and then click on Trust again.

This will fix the error of “Company Builder cannot be Trusted” which was shown earlier, and the Mega888 app will be ready to play on your IOS phone. It is similar to SCR888 casino games which you download their app and play with SCR888 test id to explore more before real gameplay.


The app is not available on the play store or other stores because it has not passed the certification, so you have to download and install it yourself manually from a third-party website. Such third-party websites can have viruses sometimes so you should be careful when downloading from them but the developers of the Mega888 app have reassured us that the app doesn’t contain any viruses and is safe to download and install.

Installing from third-party websites also requires you to enable the installation of apk files from unknown sources. On Samsung phones, this can be done by going into Settings > Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps, then enable Chrome or any other web browser you prefer.

After this go to any website eg: There you will see an APK download button. Tapping on it should start the download of the APK file. After it is downloaded, go to the Downloads folder on your phone and install the application. The Mega888 app should appear in your apps, ready to play.

Why Choose Mega888?

Mega888 is better than a lot of its competitors and has plenty of features which make it stand out from the rest.

Simple Registration Process

It is extremely easy and simple to register an account to play on the Mega888 app. It is free and doesn’t take a long time to make an account. Simply head over to the official Mega888 Website. Fill out the registration form with your personal information like your name, age, email address and other details which are required to create an account. The app also gives you a registration bonus when you sign up. Check out Mega888 bonuses and promotions at their official site. This can be used in the app to play some games for free.

Free of Bugs

Mega888 app is free of bugs as the developers are constantly updating their website to fix any bugs or issues that come up. This is why players don’t encounter any technical glitches or issues and can play without any hiccups. The app also allows users to make deposits and withdraws of small amounts which are always appreciated.

Rooms for Talking

Mega888 has chat rooms designed for players to be able to join and talk to each other. These chat rooms are designed to feel like the players are sitting in a real casino and talking to other players. This gives a more in-depth experience of a real casino.

Amazing Customer Support

Mega888 has a very friendly customer support team which is made up of professionals who are dedicated to their job. You can ask them whatever you want and they will respond to you politely and help you sort out your issues. Their response is quick and within 24 hours which means they try to get your problems sorted as soon as they can.

Proper Gambling Licence

Mega888 has obtained licences from different authorities which legally makes it a safe platform for gambling. This means you don’t have to worry about anything and can join their gambling platform without hesitation.

Availability and Portable

Mega888 is available on different platforms such as Android, IOS and Windows computers. This means it is not limited to just one device and can be accessed by players having any smart device. It is available on both Android and IOS phones which means it can be accessed anywhere like offices, before meetings etc.

If you are thinking of downloading and playing on the app then make sure to follow the steps above for the device that you own, Android or IOS. Make sure to have fun when you play the games but you should also take some precautions when playing. In gambling, whenever you lose a game you get tempted to earn back your lost money with bigger bets. This leads to further loss and should be avoided. You should also play games which have favourable odds of winning, Also try to spend some time learning the best strategies of the games that you play. Use the free mode that is available to you to practice the game and get familiar with it before you play it with real money.



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