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The Land of Lakes is a Heart Stealer

Nainital is a very popular destination among the tourists. There is variety of places of interest in and around the city. The beauty of these destinations is that they all can be visited with both family and friends. And yes, Nainital along with its gorgeous lakes, religious spots and striking scenery becomes the ideal honeymoon paradise huddled in the cool arms of Kumaon Hills. The air in this entire region is always refreshing and carries a delicate charm.

For the ones who are visiting Nainital for the first time, they need not to worry about their stay because there are amazing hotels and resorts in Nainital for their convenience. The city is blessed with scenic lakes, natural hot water springs and plenty of captivating sights. The lakes of Nainital are its pride. Let us walk through some of them:

Naini Lake

Nainital Lake is popularly known as Naini Lake. It is the main attraction of Nainital town and the entire Uttarakhand. The lake is mapped in the Heart of Nainital. It is surrounded by beautiful seven hills. The lake is a preferred spot among romantic travellers and tourists around the world. It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most visited lakes in the country.

The beautiful natural freshwater lake is captivating and various prominent writers of the world have also explained its beauty and charm in their poems. The lake has indeed inspired many people. This lake was constructed long back in the year 1839 by P. Baron who was a British businessman. The Lake is enclosed by seven hills which are called Ayarpata, Deopata, HandiBandi, Alma, Cheena Peak, LariaKanta and Sher-ka-Danda.

You know the Naini Lake becomes absolutely stunning during night. The gorgeousness of lake gets even more enhanced and captivating. Of course, boating is not allowed during the time of night but that doesn’t mean you cannot steal the charm there. The twinkling reflections of lights look very elegant and give a rich sight. You can peacefully spend hours and hours with your love or friends.

Bhimtal Lake

The lake is situated 22 km from Nainital and lies at a height of 1370 meters. It is enclosed by the Kumaoun hills. This Lake is named after second Pandavas called Bhima of the popular epic Mahabharata.

It is one of the hugest lakes in Nainital and the second biggest lake in Kumaoun. There is a beautiful island in the mid of lake. All the visitors and tourists visit this particular area through boats. The entire distance of the island from lake shore is about 91 meters.

This lake possesses rich flora and fauna around it. Dense forests of oak and pine cover hill slopes around lake. This lake supports the huge variety of aquatic life and is home to numerous migratory birds in the months of winters. A few of the famous species prevailing in the area are wall creeper, bulbul, Emerald Dove, Tawny fish owl and Black Eagle.

Thus, these were just a few lakes, for the rich experience of all the lakes, you have to visit Nainital. Don’t worry about the comfort; you will get the best luxury hotel in Nainital for your stay.



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