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Guidelines for Locating the Best in an Online Running Shoe Sale

A good pair of running shoes can be expensive. However, online stores allow you to enjoy discount prices and sales. The trick is to know when to shop. Most online stores have specific times when they run sales. It would also be wise to know the right stores. Understand that not all online stores offer online running shoe sales. Once you have discovered an online running shoe sale, you can choose the best at low prices. Below are some basic guidelines for locating the best in an online running shoe sale;

Start by understanding the shoe anatomy

Whether you are purchasing the shoes online or offline, it would be helpful to understand the purpose of each shoe element. This knowledge will help you make the right choice. It will especially come in handy in online shopping during a sale when you do not have time to consult the customer service or sales teams. Below are some running shoe elements you should know;

Upper– this is the top part of the shoe traditionally made with layers of fabric and mesh sewn or glued together. Modern upper running shoe parts are made from knitting or 3D printing. This helps create one-piece uppers with elasticity and appropriate support. When locating the best running shoe, choosing one whose upper is shaped like your foot would be wise. Ensure that it is smooth and does not have chafing or binding. 

Ankle collar– this is the wrap at the top of the shoe opening. It holds the heel don in place. Some running shoes have ankle collars made with thick padding. Others rely on their shape. Ensure to pay attention to the curve on the ankle collar and how the padding interacts with the bones on the side of your ankle. This will keep the ankle collar from irritating your Achilles tendon or hurting the back of your foot. 

The heel counter – this is the semi-rigid part that cradles and supports your heel. It is usually located inside the rearfoot. Some running shoes have external heel counters. However, they serve the same purpose as the internal ones. They aim to center the heel for support and stable landing. Ensure to pick running shoes with a heel counter that promotes comfortable ankle motion. 

Saddle – this is the reinforced part around the instep that interacts with shoelaces. When choosing the right running shoes in an online shoe sale, pay attention to the saddle’s size and design. 

Toe box – this is the upper front part to the end of the running shoes. It is made with a reinforced toe bumper that holds the toes. The toe box protects your toes from stubbing, especially during trail running. It would be wise to choose running shoes with a toe box that allows free flexing and natural stretch.

Outer sole – this is the rubber part that comes into contact with the road. Always go for materials that provide grip and robustness without added heft or toughness. 

Midsole – this is the foam material between the upper and outer sole. It is designed to handle the force from the impact while running. It would be wise to consider your weight, type, and area of running when determining the right midsole thickness.

Consider the types of running shoes

Apart from looking into the specific elements of the running shoes, you should also consider the type of shoes. Understanding the different types of running shoes will help you make the right decision. It is worth mentioning that there are running shoes for specific activities, like trail running and training. Ensure to research the ideal type of running shoes for your needs.

Consider your weight

Your choice of running shoes should also be based on your weight. Heavier runners require specific running shoes with more cushioning and stability than the latter. On the other hand, lightweight runners are often unstable and unresponsive, heavily cushioned shoes. It would also help to consider your stability and foot stride. Do not forget about the fit.


Choosing online running shoes does not have to be difficult. You can get the best shoes with the right tricks down your sleeves. However, you should always ensure to choose shoes from a reliable and positively-reviewed online platform.



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