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Accommodation Guide for International Students in Adelaide

If you want to have an ideal study abroad trip, in addition to considering factors such as the superiority of the learning environment and the professionalism of college resources, you must also consider the livability of living conditions. For many international students, studying in a foreign country far away from home, a safe, comfortable and warm nest is definitely what everyone desires to have.

In Adelaide, nearly 4,000 students choose to live in the city center and its surrounding areas because most institutions have campuses located in the city. Living here, daily travel is very convenient, whether it is walking, cycling or taking free city transportation.

If your campus is outside the city, or you want to live in the suburbs, there are plenty of options in Adelaide as well. Adelaide has a well-developed public transportation system, with many bus, train and tram lines, which can help you get where you want to go.

So, for students planning to go to Adelaide, what are the options for accommodation? What are the circumstances and conditions for each option?

This time we have summarized the “accommodation guide” to help students studying in Adelaide make the most suitable decision for you!

Apartments managed by the universities

Many universities and educational institutions in Adelaide provide student dormitories managed by the school. Most of these dormitories are located on or around the school and are only open to students. The dormitory has complete facilities, and you can move in with your bags only after a simple application and payment process.

University-run halls of residence will often include some (or all) of the cost of meals and utilities, which are usually already included in the student’s rent. There are usually dedicated staff in the apartment to provide guidance services for students. Therefore, the dormitory managed by the university will become a worry-free choice for students who have just arrived in Adelaide.

Students apartment

Choosing a residence that suits you is especially important for students who come to Adelaide to study in the first year. Therefore, high-quality student apartments approved by the Student Accommodation Association have become the best choice for many “newcomers”.

Adelaide has a wide range of purpose-built student accommodation managed by experienced housing providers. According to different budgets and needs, many popular student apartments in Adelaide can provide students with unique choices. Before moving in, residents need to sign a lease agreement. The student apartment has a unified and professional property management, and international students can feel more at ease when living overseas.

Student hostel

Student hostels are another affordable and comfortable option for many international students. The cost here is relatively low, and students need to be responsible for their own daily meals, and bear the corresponding water, electricity, gas and other expenses.

Most hostels have furnished bedrooms (either self-contained studios or shared dormitories) with access to communal facilities such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and lounges.

On-campus college-style dormitory

If this is your first time living away from home, then Residential Colleges can be a great choice for you to adapt to your new environment and make a perfect transition.

The on-campus college-style dormitory provides a warm, diverse, and inclusive community environment that can provide students with a series of services from study to life, including: academic support, religious care, and health guidance services.

Students can choose individual rooms with communal facilities, while sharing lounges, kitchens and bathrooms with other students. College-style dormitories also include three meals a day, furniture and Internet to meet the daily needs of students. It is worth mentioning that students will have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of cultural and sports activities, while enriching their after-school life, they can exercise their abilities and develop their talents.

Private rental

If you want more flexibility and more independence, you can choose to rent by yourself or share with friends. Private housing rental is one of the most common accommodation options for international students, and students can choose housing sources independently according to their own needs.

For off-campus private housing rental, students need to be responsible for all electricity, water, gas, Internet, personal meals and other expenses. There are two types of off-campus renting: entire rent and shared rent.

– Entire rent: The benefits of entire rent are very obvious. Students can enjoy the resources of the entire house and live alone without worrying about being disturbed. However, compared with shared rent, the rent is higher.

The whole lease can be divided into two types: furnished and unfurnished. Furnished apartments include water and electricity, although worry-free, but the rent will be relatively high; while the other is to only rent a house, buy the furniture yourself, and pay for water and electricity.

– Shared rent: The second way of renting a house is shared renting, which is also the accommodation choice for most international students. Two or more classmates live in an apartment or house, each with a bedroom, or share the bathroom, kitchen, and living room with roommates.

Shared renting can share rent, water bills, electricity bills, etc. with roommates, greatly reducing costs. Therefore, shared renting has become a very cost-effective choice for many international students, saving money and worry.

In Australia, the types of houses can be roughly divided into the following categories:


Many independent houses in Australia are self-built houses by local residents, usually with gardens. Due to the low floors, students should pay attention to mosquito control when choosing such houses.


Apartment buildings are generally equipped with supporting facilities such as access control systems and underground garages. Some well-established apartment buildings will have gymnasiums, swimming pools, and barbecue facilities for residents to use for free. Some also have apartment managers or security guards who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of residents, but also to provide timely assistance.


Studio is also a common type of room, ranging in size from 12 square meters to 30 square meters. The room will provide bed, desk, wardrobe, toilet, bathroom, kitchen and other facilities.


For international students who apply to study in Australia and are under the age of 18, choosing a host family has become the best choice for students. Students will live in Australian families who are responsible for hospitality. By living with local families and learning about the local lifestyle, it is one of the best ways for students to improve their English skills and quickly integrate into Adelaide.

Homestay usually includes a furnished room and meals, and provides services such as cooking, laundry and internet, although the specific facilities may vary slightly from family to family.

Homestay families are usually carefully screened and researched to ensure they provide the best living environment for their students. When applying for a host family, students need to carefully submit relevant preferences such as dietary requirements, favorite family type and pets, so as to match with a suitable host family to the greatest extent.

These are some accommodation suggestions to you, which will help you choose an ideal residence. To learn more about studying in Adelaide or other regions in Australia, you can visit, you will find many useful news and tips about studying in Australia or studying abroad there.



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