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The Panenka penalty kicks

Penalty kicks are one of the most discussed aspects in football. Are they a lottery, or do shooters and goalkeepers really have a chance in scoring or stopping them? It is possible to make sport bets in Nigeria – 1xBet bookmaker, which also has lots of possibilities to wager on penalties.

Some players try to shoot as powerful as possible, in order to minimize the chances of the goalkeeper stopping it. Of course, this technique also comes with some risks. If the shooter kicks the ball too strongly, he might simply miss the goal completely. The 1xBet Nigeria bookmaker has great sports bet chances in multiple disciplines, including of course football and penalty kicks.

A fantastic technique

The final of the UEFA Euro 1976 saw a historic penalty that forever changed how those shots were seen. Whenever those high profile competitions are played, don’t forget to explore its betting chances at the site.

The match was played on the 20th of June of that year. The teams involved were Czechoslovakia and West Germany. The game ended 2-2 with goals scored by:

  • Ján Švehlík;
  • Karol Dobiaš;
  • Dieter Müller;
  • and Bernd Hölzenbein.

This meant that the match needed to be decided from the penalty spot. Czechoslovakia was 4-3 up. However, both teams had scored all their shots. Then Uli Hoeneß shot his penalty, which went over the crossbar. Now it was the turn of Antonín Panenka, who did something unthinkable. The 1xBet website is an excellent platform to wager on all those excellent finals.

He approached the ball and gently touched it. The ball slowly flew into the center of the goal that German goalkeeper Sepp Maier was trying to protect. The keeper was completely unable to prevent the goal. This was the moment when the Panenka penalties were born.

Many other attempts

Of course, many other players have imitated Panenka. Many of them were successful, but of course, it is a highly risky shot. If goalkeepers stay in the center, they will be able to easily catch the ball. It is possible to play casino online with before the next penalty kick is shot.

Some players have scored important goals through Panenka penalties. Some of them are Alexis Sánchez, Zinedine Zidane, Andrea Pirlo and Lionel Messi.

However, other Panenka penalties ended in failure. For example, there is an infamous example of a player of the Romanian team Juventus (not to be confused with the Italian team). Here, a player attempted a Panenka in a penalty series. The goalkeeper stopped it easily. Said player was confronted by his teammates for his waste. The 1xBet online casino is a place with many games that users can play while waiting for a Panenka-style penalty.



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