The earring is a simple but attractive piece of jewelry. It allows you to quickly accessorize an outfit and has become very popular for some time. Its popularity is also based on the fact that it comes in a multitude of models and sizes. You can therefore find with disconcerting simplicity the model that suits you and wear it quickly for hanging out after you’ve spent a big part of your day playing on


The history of the earring goes back to that of the Greek aristocrats. At the time, this accessory was used to materialize their wealth. In Asia, this jewel is intimately linked to religion. The Indians and the Thais wear it in particular to testify to their belief.

The earring first appeared in Russian culture around the 17th century. It is especially from the 20th century that this accessory is adopted in many countries around the world. If it slightly lost its popularity around the middle of the 20th century, the attraction of jewelry lovers for this accessory has not disappeared. Lately, it is one of the most fashionable jewelry among fashion lovers and celebrities.

The ring or ear cuff is worn around the cartilage or the edge of the ear. It gives the illusion of a snug piercing or a helix piercing. In other words, it sublimates your ear without requiring the use of a piercing of the latter.


The installation of a ring or ear cuff is very simple. First, you have to spread the ring slightly so that it can slide easily on the edge of the ear. Once you have chosen the exact place where you want to attach it, just gently tighten the ring so that it can stay in place.

This jewel can be worn alone, in groups or with other earrings of different shapes. For example, it is not uncommon for people without a piercing to adopt it to punctuate an outfit. Once fixed, it generates no discomfort and does not cause pain, even after several hours.

To remove it, the actions to adopt are the opposite of what you undertook to put it on. That is to say, you have to open the ring slightly in order to be able to release it from the ear. Thereafter, you can leave the jewel in this state so that you can insert it directly the next time.


There are different types of ear rings according to the desires and requirements of each. For example, there are the most minimalist models for a sober and chic look. Then there are those that are a bit thicker and taller for a pretty glamorous look.

Otherwise, there are some ear cuffs that are set with more or less shiny stone depending on the desired end result. Thereafter, you can combine the different existing versions to enhance the look of an outfit or give character to your style. The advantage with this type of accessory is that it can be worn for any occasion: evening, corporate event, walk in the countryside, at the pool or at the beach…


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