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LASIT Laser Answers Common Questions

LASIT laser answers the most common questions relating to laser technology, beschriftung software, and prices. In addition, they answer frequently asked questions pertaining to the machines and prices. The FAQ section of the website also provides helpful links for the consumer. LASIT offers the most comprehensive list of laser machine prices in the country, along with answers to frequently asked questions about beschriftung software. Besides answering questions about laser prices, offers helpful articles on the basics of laser machines.


A dynamic, automatic and fully customizable lasermarking system is the core of LASIT’s laserbeschriftung software. It allows you to generate codes based on standards and is custom-designed for automatic RuckrufvorgÀnge, communication with enterprise databanks, and production management. The Powermark FlyMOPA, for example, is designed with a laser sensor, a unique design that is perfect for LASIT.

The LASIT lasermarking system is equipped with special lossungen that allow for the handling of large parts. The same system can mark parts ranging in diameter from 50 to 600 mm. A fiber-optic source, or fiber-optic laser, is used for these applications. The process can be customized to the exact requirements of each individual project, with the same system handling parts from 50 to 600mm in diameter.

LASIT has years of experience and knowledge in laser marking and has developed 5 different marking systems that are sold to more than 500 different manufacturers. The lasers that are used in LASIT’s marking systems are designed to ensure high-quality marking on different types of materials. There are various advantages to using lasermarking on plastic materials. You can even apply lasermarking on metal surfaces. For more information, visit


If you are in search of a lasergravier that meets your needs and budget, look no further than LASIT-Labors. Their high-quality machines can produce the perfect prints, whether you need a custom logo, lettering, or other special designs. With the help of their advanced software, you can customize your project with ease. You can even download a free demo version to check out the functionality before you purchase.


LASIT is a global company dedicated to the continuous development of laser technology. Dedicated to research and development, Lasit invests 20% of annual revenue into this important area of the company. Moreover, the company uses state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture their products. Quality control is carried out using laser interferometers and conoscopy to make sure that every product is of the highest possible quality.

The company has been manufacturing laser marking machines for over 20 years, and has created a large number of custom-made machines and high-end systems that integrate advanced automation. LASIT has a research and development department that has resulted in many new innovations in state-of-the-art equipment. The team of researchers consists of mechanical engineers, software and automation specialists who are able to analyze customer requirements to create the most innovative products.

LASIT-Laser Powermark FlyCO2

LASIT has been manufacturing CO2 laser marking equipment for over 15 years. Their innovative technology allows them to offer a number of different products, including the powerful Powermark FlyPico. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Powermark FlyPico consists of two rotary devices and a linear motor system that allows the laser band to move along an axis. A third axis is used for focusing and passes through the scope’s mobile lens. Using this technology, the laser marks materials that are usually difficult to mark with conventional marking methods.

LASIT-Laser Powermark is an ideal solution for a wide variety of marking applications, including medical devices and home appliances. Its unique fiber source laser allows it to achieve picosecond precision. The laser is also perfect for post-marking treatments. LASIT-Laser Powermark FlyPico laser has several advantages, including a fast turn-around time. The laser is highly versatile and can be used for logos and other marking applications.



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